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“I am K Jagadish, an Astrologer, Life coach, Author, Spiritual Thinker and an Entrepreneur, with over 50 years of experience in Astrology and approach with a research and scientific bent of mind with a holistic life challenging experience thus far.”

Get The Best Astrology Consultation

K Jagdish is an Astrologer practicing Prashna Kundali Astrology and he needs only the  name for prediction. Birth Data is not required. Every Sunday 2 PM -3 PM there is a FREE Consultation Session on YouTube - Call +91 70222 39292. Feel free to ask ONE Question.

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The Power of Prashna Kundali

Wondering how the Prashna Kundali Astrology is astonishingly ACCURATE? Our Birth Chart is an off-shoot of our mother’s transit chart at the time of our birth and thus, we are born! Any doubt? So we are born out of TRANSIT chart of our mother!


The Spiritual perspective is that everything in this world is ‘TRANSITORY’ because all the Planets are continuously moving. And so are the events in our Life. If we want to know the future of specific events, it is only the event chart, that is, Prashna Kundali will reveal the FUTURE comprehensively? Thus, the Prashna Kundali gets superimposed on our Birth Chart without even referring to the Birth Chart since the time of Event and the Position of each and every Planet is 100% accurate. And all in REAL TIME. Therefore, Prashna Kundali is amazingly accurate.

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"Found him to be very easy to speak too, he is very polite and well versed. He answered to all my queries with accuracy and was very patient and clear all through the conversation. He boosted my confidence levels very much. I am really grateful to him for his guidance."

Informed Decision Making Using Power of Prashna Kundali

Our Process

This is the only Opportunity where you can make decisions through Astrology with Confidence wherein you can discuss your choices, options, alternatives and deviations to reach your Goal and it helps you to decide what is most suitable to accomplish and be successful in Life opting for the most viable path and Optimize Your Life!

Why Enlighten Mind?

  • Astrologer K Jagadish is an ‘Honest to the Core’ Practical Astrologer
  • ONLY “ZERO COST” Spiritual Remedies will be suggested
  • No False Promises.
  • Practical and executable suggestions, guidance and direction only will be given
My Methodology


Your Birth Chart or Janma Kundali will be there on the Computer screen as per the details given by you. For questions put by you, I will be casting a dedicated Prashna Kundali by sincere prayer in the name of the person to whom the questions applies. I give you answers looking at the Janma Kundali and Prashna Kundali simultaneously and thus, the answers will be an outcome of mix of Prashna Kundali and Janma Kundali. Prashna Kundali is unique and any complex question can be answered and the result of 2 or more situations/options can be compared to predict the outcome. Therefore, the predictions will be amazingly accurate!

Gemstones on the Zodiac

Knowledge of Traditional Chart

Meeting your needs at every life stage

Our Mission

My knowledge of birth chart is also very good and I have shared my research bent of mind on various International Astrology Forums. The speciality is timing of events through Navamsa (D9) charts and it has made a good impact on many Astrologers. On this subject, I have made a presentation at the prestigious Hindu University of America, Florida on “A Life of Zero Gravity” and “Transits of planets in Navamsa”

SADE SATI (साढ़े साती)

Fundamental truth about the ‘proverbial Sade Sati

GURUBALA (गुरु बला)

The myth of Guru Bala

MOON SIGN (चंद्र राशि)

Mass hypnotism of predictions based on Moon Sign

LAGNA (लग्न)

The most critical point in Astrology is given a good bye, unfortunately



  • it is vibrant
  • it is instantaneous
  • it is a holistic chart for the person
  • it is also a perfect recipe for your mind
  • it also indicates the possible alternative
  • it is indicative of the present situation in real time
  • it is dynamic with every planet in real time position
  • it is suggestive of the trajectory of the course of action
  • It is nothing short of the top most layer of the birth chart almost indicating the progress of planets in the birth chart

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