Anxious about the next Government in India? (Demo)

A very close friend of mine wanted me to do a Prasna on the subject just out of curiosity while neither my friend nor I, have any affiliation to any political party or politics. Accordingly, I did a Prasna around 1350 hrs on the May 6, 2014 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Here are the points that I could figure out:

Unfortunately, the new Government, no matter who heads it, will be like a baby born with congenital abnormalities and deficiencies of all sorts.

  • A Government, if it can be called so, will be aware that the longevity is nothing beyond self-termination by mid-term poll.
  • It will come to power with all sorts of jugglery of numbers, manipulation and still put up the face of dignity.
  • Its words will be foul but authoritative.
  • It will also try to make quick bucks even as they find very big scandals still hidden by the predecessor.
  • They will utter/write words which they will constantly withdraw and amend again.
  • It will face extremely tough opposition and get mad.
  • A particular community might revolt in a very big way.
  • Law courts will haul up the Government, ruthlessly.
  • Every passing hour, the Government will keep changing their mind
  • People who voted for them and expected the Moon, will get thoroughly disappointed and disgusted and reject the Government.
  • The above point also conveys that none of the old political parties will ever come to power in the near future.
  • Citizens will face the music helplessly, and become mute spectators. May be it is a final wake up call for citizens to understand  the value of vote and appreciate. The old method of ‘vote bank politics’ will come to an end as far as political parties are concerned.
  • 19th June, 14th July, 1st December, 2014 could be extremely significant. Practically, December is not only the year end, but also the end of the Government, virtually. It should only mean the process for the next election might come up in principle.

Let us wait and watch the scenario as early as May, 16, 2014 and see where the country stands.

K Jagadish,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India,
dated the May 06, 2014.