Arvind Kejriwal, the life-line for India, now or never! (Demo)

Let us now be almost sure that the subject caption will be a reality soon! We will be compelled to admit the political revolution initiated by Arvind Kejriwal will culminate in a Government of the honest, by the honest and for the honest. May be we are very close to this reality. He is the only life-line for India and if we miss this opportunity, it may never come again.

The synastry (comparison) between the chart of Arvind Kejriwal and that of Indian Independence chart indicates Arvind Kejriwal will get power in his hands now, but not again on a long term basis. I am not saying that he will become the Prime Minister (no wonder even if he becomes as a last resort like in Delhi!), but he will surely achieve his mission and vision in this election itself.

 Let me point out again that Arvind Kejriwal is always lucky at the ‘eleventh second’, providentially, and he should expect good.

A prasna or horary done around 1445 hrs at Ahmedabd, Gujarat, India on the May 4, 2014 indicates good prospects in the ensuing election. However, so many obstructions in his path as is obvious are also indicated. It is best that he recites the mool mantra of lord Ganesh to attract divine grace.

For those who would like to know Astrological reasoning for my comments above please read on:

I have sufficient Astrological factors emanating out of the synastry of birth chart of Arvind Kejriwal and the Indian Independence chart. The Ascendant of Arvind Kejriwal and that of India both happens to be Taurus and the stellium (more than two planets in one house) of planets in the 3rd house for India and 4th house for Arvind Kejriwal is also Astrologically intriguing. Further, Saturn squares Jupiter in India’s chart while Jupiter trines retrograde Saturn in the chart of Arvind Kejriwal while Rahu has a 3/11 relationship in both the charts. Moon is in the own house for India while for Arvind Kejriwal it is in its exalted house of Taurus and again this is 3/11 relationship.

In Navamsa Sun is in the 12th sign of the Zodiac which is the 9th amsa of Cancer and now it is the fag end of the dasa of Sun while for Arvind Kejriwal Sun in Leo (own house at a critical degree) is in the 1st amsa of Leo along with retrograde Saturn which is Vargottama. Thus in both Rasi chart and Navamsa chart I find 2/12 relationship of Sun which to me means that the Government will fall in the hands of Arvind Kejriwal. Sun depicts Government, contextually. The question is when? Let’s patiently wait. Further, let me make it absolutely clear that none of the points mentioned herein can never be generalized and interpreted. My interpretation is highly contextual taking a number of Astrological factors into consideration.

K Jagadish,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Inida, dated the May 4, 2014