Arvind Kejriwal the nucleus of Indian Politics (Demo)

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal’s political fortunes are more than guaranteed in Election 2014 as per my assessment, God willing, and I pray God to make it true!

As already reported in my earlier posts, the Lunar Return Ascendant i.e., when transit Moon crosses over Moon at birth, the then Ascendant or Lagna generally gives a clue of the future for the next 28 days which is one cycle of Moon’s transit.  Nevertheless, Astrology is always a matter of interpretation of the planetary position and is highly intuitive and therefore one cannot go by the ‘Rule book’ of Astrology. Thus the next Lunar Return for Arvind Kejriwal is due on the 1st May, 2014 at 5.51 AM.

Since the Astrological reasons and reasoning may not be of much interest to readers, by and large, it is best that I mention the highlights emanating from the base of Astrology. However, as a matter of uncontrollable temptation of using at least the names of some planets becomes imperative to boost of our own spirit:

  • The Lunar Return Ascendant is just at the same longitude as that of Sun in its exalted sign of Aries in the asterism of Venus, his (Arvind Kejriwal’s) lagna lord. The writing on the wall is absolutely clear and loud enough indicating ‘Power’. Secondly, Venus in the asterism of Saturn is posited again in the exalted sign of Pisces. This is a further confirmation of what has been stated earlier. Quite interestingly in Navamsa, Sun and Venus have conjoined in Leo the sign of Sun. To me it looks like a festive season for planets!
  • We have, Mercury and Ketu also in the Ascendant. Mercury the lord of the 3rd and 6th sign of the Zodiac, whilst ‘3’ stands for energy, communication etc., and ‘6’ stands for loss to 7th the opponent/s – are all points which support his gaining power. Mercury itself a planet depicting communication and very swift movement implies a lot in the context of election.
  • Further, Mercury in Navamsa is posited in the 7th sign of the Zodiac which to me means the country will surely put Arvind Kejriwal in a big pedestal.
  • Ketu also in the Lunar Return Ascendant indicates willful obstructions by other forces which is obvious and for which we do not need the support of Astrology!
  • Retrograde Saturn from its exalted sign along with Rahu aspecting the Ascendant is a clear sign of re-visit to the whole process is a glaring indication of ‘Re-election’ (in India) and that is when he will be the Prime Minister of India.
  • Very interestingly, the Ascendant lord Mars also retrograde is aspecting the Ascendant with the 8th aspect almost at the same longitude is yet another indication of termination of the entire process of Election sooner than later!
  • Retrograde Mars directly (Samasapthaka) aspecting Venus in its exalted sign is also very good for Arvind Kejriwal.
  • Jupiter in its own asterism of “PUNARVASU” aspecting the 7th house, the 9th house and the 11th house is yet another excellent point for Arvind Kejriwal.
  • Jupiter in “PUNARVASU” star means – justice will be delivered by repeat attempt. This is a definite indication that the Election process will be repeated in the country although Arvind Kejriwal himself will get justice right now, but short-lived due to larger issues.
  • He will get unexpected gain providentially while I must add here that he should be prepared for unexpected and unfavourable situations as well.


I expect Arvind Kejriwal to win from Varanasi and his AAP will do extremely well across the country. He will take the country by surprise and is bound to instill confidence in the mind of the honest while the dishonest and unscrupulous elements will suffer a lot. They will be brought to justice, come what may.

Let’s pray for truth and justice to prevail and the common men in the country get will get the benefits of the independence of India.

K Jagadish,

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, dated the 29th April, 2014.