Astro-Flashback of Arvind Kejriwal as CM of Delhi. (Demo)

I know we are under disappointment because of defeat of Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi and as well the party being not able to reach double digit.

As matter of astrological introspection, I bench marked Delhi assembly election success though short lived. However, it was indeed a big and sudden rise. Since I have been holding on to the Midterm Poll in India though it sounds very funny as of now, it is exactly the same reason (retrograde planets in transit) which took Arvind Kejriwal up and brought him down too. Here are the observations:

On 28th Dec, 2013 he was running Jupiter-Venus-Jupiter-Mercury.

  • Dasa lord Jupiter was retrograde in the 7th amsa of Gemini.
  • Sun was in Sagittarius along with Mercury.
  • Venus his Ascendant lord and 6th lord and Bhukti lord was in the 9th house (badaka rasi for him) and retrograde.
  • Mars was in Virgo aspecting Sun and Mercury and Ketu in his 12th house with the 8th aspect.
  • Of course Saturn was direct along with Rahu.

Now look at the transits on the 15th Feb, 2014 when he had to resign:

  • Dasa lord retrograde Jupiter moved one amsa back to Pisces the 12th sign of Zodiac showing the ending.
  • Venus Bhukti lord became direct on the 1st Feb, 2014 and it had already come one sign back to Sagittarius and in Navamsa it had come to the 6thamsa of Sagittarius viz., Virgo.
  • Sun had moved to Aquarius and we had Saturn, Rahu and Mars in Libra, badaka for Aquarius.
  • The above point clearly notifies that he mainly had three clear points against him.

If I were to be in place of Arvind Kejriwal, I would not have assumed office and perhaps left it to someone else in the party. This is just a thinking experiment and destiny shall never leave us and we have to face it.


  • The write up above though not comprehensive suggests sudden luck for him, generally and Jupiter, his 8th and 11th lord now transiting in second house is not good for him till it moves to Cancer on the 19th June.
  • The second house means speech, theme etc., apart from so many other points. That means the theme for the election did not please the public. That needs a drastic change with a lot of deliberations.
  • He has got to take a very deep look at the above point for future.
  • For India, just completed election is also a temporary phase since Saturn and Mars are retro.
  • For Narendra Modi, his 3rd and 4th lord viz., Saturn (conjunct Rahu in transit) posited in the 10th owned by Sun and transiting in the 8th amsa of Libra conjunct retrograde Mars and Jupiter also in the 8th amsa speaks of lot of points although he is taking oath on the 21st.

As it is unethical to delve more into issues of ensuing Government and thus I prefer to lie low. I know AAP’s election debacle, if it can be called so, is good in a way as a matter of blessing in disguise. Arvind Kejriwal certainly has an excellent political future starting specifically from 23rd Feb, 2015. However, transit of Jupiter on the 19th June is good followed by 21st July when Saturn gets direct and Rahu moves into Virgo.

Anyway, though the election did not give the edge AAP was looking for in terms of number, it has indeed contributed to end the political dynasty for the first ever time. The awareness about AAP has also increased multifold. The love and attachment of a lot of people towards AAP will get converted into countable votes eventually and let us wait for some time.

K Jagadish