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Birth Chart – a snapshot of mother’s transit chart!

If you agree or disagree with the subject statement, the result does not alter in any way, and the life at present will go on as per current transits, always. It is not a matter of preference or interpretation or even perception. To “mile stone” the snapshot of mother’s transit chart which becomes our birth chart, also called as our natal chart which is ‘Mile Zero’, or commencement of our journey of life, though not wrong, perhaps our main interest in Astrology is our present state of life! Maybe, filled with satisfactory or good situation or tension ridden, whatever. Having said this, I am tempted to draw a tangent into a bit spiritual perspective and thus, it is pregnant with meaning and nevertheless, it is just the ‘Truth of Life’. Opinions simply do not matter while, it is always difficult digest the Truth!

The nucleus of human life is the doctrine of Karma theory – ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. Thus, we have created our own destiny. Not even an iota of karma can ever be removed, modified or altered. Our prayer cannot change Karmas, but will give strength to discharge our karmas and sometimes may lessen the suffering. All of us living in a temporary world, thinking of making this world, a permanent one, amounts to prima facie fighting or challenging against the laws of nature. Therefore, we are all living in misery while some are more comfortably living and some are less comfortable in misery!

Now, back to Astrology, ‘Mile Zero’ – the so-called Birth Chart’s intrinsic value, to me, blasts off, since it is an outcome of dynamic components, that is, the evermoving planets, being treated as “Stationary” and then deciphering now, their position (at birth), to know the future! Of course, the Dasha, Bhukthi, Anthara and Sookshma as calculated at birth may act as the “Life Calendar”, in general, at the horizon. The direct message is – how effective it is, to treat the position of planets at birth, which are dynamic since it is continuously moving forward while we still seem to recognize them as it was at birth. Have they not progressed according to our age now? Is anyone looking at the Progressed Chart at this instant or the dumb stationary chart? Please think for yourself.

Human life is nothing but a roller coaster ride for the Mind and no 2 minutes stretch of life could be the same, generally, and of course, however, exceptions may be there. Therefore, can analyzing the Birth Chart, which is the road map of life, start to finish, help in resolving the anxieties, tensions and turbulence of mind at the moment than being crowned in the next one or two decades? Will the mind calm down or rejoice hearing a good period or event coming in the next 5 or 10 or 15 years from now? It is like promising a cup of ice cream 2 years later for a man who is terribly thirsty now, instead of offering a glass of water just now! Please allow your mind to free-wheel! Transformation from ‘feel good factor’ to ‘hard facts’ is the need of the hour.

Considering the glaring facts thus brought out, it is the Prashna Astrology which can give you instantaneous replies and help the mind to relax or settle, such that the mind power can be deployed more constructively and used, than worrying about the criticality of the situation. For me, the Dynamic Prashna Kundli is an instant Kundli which is not only the progressed chart of the Birth Chart, accurately, but also translates the movement of every planet at birth as at this moment. It is bound to open the flood gates of ‘future’ what is in store. Prashna Kundli is the outermost layer of our life at any given instant!

K Jagadish,

Astrologer, Life Coach, Author & Spiritual Thinker