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Time for action – Mars in Libra

Finally, the curtain comes down on push-pull scenario of unholy conjunction of Saturn/Rahu (of course Rahu has just moved back to Virgo) with Mars entering Libra on July 14th morning. It is surely the time for action, in number of ways. I strongly believe that the crooks worldwide will be in serious problem from now onwards. Mars joins Saturn. Saturn owns one earthly sign and one airy sign, while Mars owns one fiery and one watery sign. Saturn aspects Jupiter which owns one fiery and one watery sign. In the first place, Mars/Saturn conjunction will generate huge friction and leads to an explosive situation. This conjunction has been proved beyond doubts going by the past experience. It is indeed explosive. Further, Saturn in its exalted rasi which is an airy sign, perhaps one can guess that as the wind blows the fire increases and, the situation might be too sudden and directionless. Let us again recollect that Jupiter is also mighty in its exalted sign of Cancer.

Saturn is generally viewed as a delaying planet by the astrological community. I beg to slightly disagree from that school. Delay should have a reference to comment. If a baby has to be born, it is imperative that it will take about 9 months. Can that be called as delay since it is the normal gestation period? Sometimes we feel that a specific job takes another, say, 5 days, I do not know how right we are in subscribing to the view of delay. It also looks that most often we are in such a great hurry that even a day is delay for us as if the clock should have run fast which amounts to malfunctioning of the clock. However, Saturn in the company of Mars may add fuel to fire which is generally accepted by most of the Astrologers. Thus, the presence of Mars in Libra along with Saturn will completely remove the delay tactics of Saturn as is widely accepted.

Saturn takes approximately 30 years for one cycle around the Zodiac. Last time Saturn was in Libra around 1982 and the country did witness a lot of political turmoil around that time. However, Jupiter was in the vicinity of Libra, then, and by and large, of course, Mars too. Interestingly, Rahu was transiting in Gemini, then. Jupiter did play its role, to a great extent in reducing the collateral damages, in a way. But now the situation is quite different and Rahu is transiting in Virgo after incubating Saturn with its undesirable deceptive qualities against the interest of democracy.

Unfortunately, I am constrained to write anything directly on several issues in view of the volatile situation, both astrologically as well as general social ambiance.

Libra being the 7th sign of the Zodiac, Rahu’s presence there since December, 2012 along with Saturn moving back and forth due to retrogression has led to global economic conditions turbulent. Libra is known for trade and commerce and for Indian Independence chart it is the 6th sign of subordination/service etc., and a house of loss to 7th representing general public.

Libra becomes the epicenter of several burning issues and entry of Mars there is bound to trigger events faster than anyone expects. So much so, Mars catches us unaware and may spring surprises all at once.

As far as India is concerned, as already mentioned the 6th house is the nucleus of astrological activity and it sends its shock waves to 8th house Sagittarius, 12th house Aries and 3rd house Cancer. As long as Mars remains in Libra up to September 5, 2014, the 9th house will be under the excitation of Mars and exalted Jupiter, the 12th house by both Saturn and Mars. Further, the 3rd house is already dominated by exalted Jupiter and Saturn’s 10th aspect as well. The third house is the house representing courage, confidence, self-strength etc., and house 3, 6, 10 and 11 are termed as ‘Upachaya houses’ meaning progress. The gain of one is the loss of other.

Inference for those who are not very familiar with Astrology:

The seventh house representing the general public should gain by virtue of exalted Jupiter aspecting with the 5th aspect (past events addressed) and the third from 7th viz., 9th house (future) is already aspected by Jupiter and once Mars enters Scorpio on September 5th, the 9th house becomes more strong while the 9th aspect of Jupiter on the 11th sign which is 5th to 7th is a positive signal that there should be enough justice for past losses, if any, of the general public.

Apart from the above points, let me add here that transit Jupiter rolls over natal Mercury for India on August 20th and now Rahu represents Mercury since it moved to Virgo just today (July 13th). I consider this also to be very significant. At least one politician’s chart worth glancing in this context is that of Arvind Kejriwal. Ironically, the same day viz., August 20th, in the chart of Arvind Kejriwal, transit Jupiter rolls over his natal Mars while Venus, his Lagna lord (and even that of India) will be in the close orbit with each other. All the Astrological reactions are taking place with the Chairmanship of Saturn depicting ‘Dharma’ with its 10th aspect. What these things mean to the country is more to be seen than assumed at this stage.

As a generic statement, I also feel that for most of us who were uncomfortable since December 2012 may feel like moving on to a fresh lease of life of success and prosperity.

K Jagadish,
July 13, 2014.
Bangalore, India.