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Elephant in a room – Exit Polls (Demo)

Exit PollThe best way to recognize is to ignore, may be a good strategy at times. Currently we are in that situation as far as exit polls in India are concerned.

Unfortunately, a few hundred people are taking the entire country for a ride. These few hundred people are sucking the blood of 120 crore people. The common man has almost started doubting whether God created this world or, these people created God, and so the country belongs to them. Quite ironically, the same set of people also talk of God and visit temples in their own style and stride. Even God is not spared of pollution of sorts.

Let’s explore whether Astrology can give us any clue and if so, when?

Sun is the unquestioned source of cosmic energy for the entire universe. Instead of a narrow band discussion, it is best that we look at just the Zodiac which is nothing short of the birth chart of the entire universe and any event is with respect to the geographical location. Planetary movement is obviously with respect to the longitude and latitude coordinates. Here are the generic comments:

  • Sun entered the 12th sign of the Zodiac viz., Pisces on the night of 14th March. There were no afflictions (Astrological) of any kind.
  • Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac picturised by two fish meaning bringing people together and as well to liquidate the past.
  • On the 25th March, the retrograde Mars entered Virgo thus exciting Sun in Pisces. This marked the beginning of scandalous activities on the political front.
  • On the morning of 14th April, Sun entered Aries conjoining transit Ketu there. Thus Sun got shadowed and even more interestingly, both Sun and Ketu was under bombardment of retrograde Saturn directly and retrograde Mars’s 8th aspect. ‘8’ stands for termination apart from so many other perspectives.
  • Please note that the Elections started on the 7th April and as on the 14th April elections were held for 110 constituencies. Presumably, by and large, this might have been just bearable with duress.
  • After the 14th April, everything that went on / goes on till the 15th May (morning) is highly questionable not just related to polling, but in each and every walk of politics. This extensively covers the subject heading of crazy ‘Exit Polls’. I hope no channel has gone beyond 543 (?) to please their bosses.
  • 15th May morning itself, Sun moves to the next house Taurus and will not be in any kind of Astrological affliction.
  • The divine truth will start coming out from the 15th May. The Media – manipulated, engineered, manufactured and doped (impurities added) falsehood will die its horrible death in the studios itself.

After having chosen the captioned heading, I prefer to go along with all my earlier posts, in letter and spirit. If I am wrong anywhere, partially or fully, let the whole world know about it since I have the freedom to express, boldly and loudly , all good things for the welfare of every one. The word ‘Reputation’ is man-made and, the divine equivalent of it is ‘Prayer’ and therefore, I am least bothered about myself.

AAP, please cheer up after being encompassed by falsehood all around and, it is party time for you. Please distribute, not sweets, but drinking water for the needy. Your time begins now. Preserve/store election campaign materials very carefully so that you save so much money, eventually.

Good luck AAP!

 K Jagadish,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
14th May, 2014.