Extinguishing fire by adding fire? (Demo)

Certainly sounds funny! It looks like that this is what exactly is being done in the context of swearing-in Muhurat of Narendra Modi. I have already posted my take on the subject, quite decisively reasoning out a number of very critical Astrological factors. Needless to say that the natal chart or Janma Kundli of Narendra Modi is embroiled and tossed up by Astrologers and thus driven him away from the path of soliciting a healthy suggestion. For readers with interest in Astrology, I have attached the image of the swearing-in chart. The salient points against the so called Muhurat is given below. This hyper link of Times of India also throws light on the subject – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/lok-sabha-elections-2014/news/Sun-Saturn-make-May-26-a-lucky-day-for-Modi-Astrologers/articleshow/35406030.cms … Admittedly, the authors have clearly mentioned that the Muhurat suffers from inherent negative points which is against the interest of Narendra Modi. Perhaps, the Astrologers who fixed up the Muhurat were under practical compulsions and not that they were not knowledgeable.

  • Luminaries viz., Sun and Moon, in Astrology has unique significance of illuminating the Zodiac sign where it is posited.
  • Sun activates the sign where it is posited.
  • Moon delivers the result of the event in store.
  • Muhurat for an event where a great degree of permanency of the event is desired like marriage, house warming, swearing-in ceremony etc., a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) rising will be the best preference. In case of Narendra Modi swearing-in, a movable sign Libra has been chosen. Thus expect very fast changes.
  • For a movable sign, the 11th house and 11th lord or the Badhaka (obstacles) and 7th is death and 8th is longevity of the event and the person/s concerned like in marriage, it is applicable for both the bride and bridegroom and the marriage as well.
  • For Libra rising 11th lord is Sun and I find it in the 8th house of longevity. Should I say there is Badhaka for longevity? That too Sun in the house of Ascendant lord Venus. Thus the 8th lord has moved back to the house of loss viz., 7th.
  • The Ascendant lord Venus itself in the house of death although it is a political event, is it OK?
  • As if adding insult to injury, Moon the 10th lord a Kendra in the 7th another Kendra is good, but for the fact that the Ascendant lord Venus is posited along with Ketu. Thus it strengthens the 7th house of death (of the event).
  • A bit of very smart approach also is seen in the Muhurat chart when I see Mars the 2nd and 7th lord in the 12th from the Ascendant. This is a good point and,  indeed a master stroke.
  • Obviously, the Astrologers would not have missed out the fact that for Narendra Modi, Mars is the Lagna and Moon sign lord.

The chart below has been cast using Lahiri Aynamsa and the location chosen is obviously New Delhi:

Narendra Modi Swearing-in

Narendra Modi Swearing-in

I do not understand why there has been a total disconnect between the natal chart of the person viz., Narendra Modi and the event in question. Whether the event is important or the native is important or both are important. Therefore, I feel that the focus is lost. This is also a case to understand how destiny is ultimate.

I know fixing up Muhurat is always like between the deep sea and the devil. Finally, it is the natal chart which supersedes the Muhurat and whatever is the destiny that will any way happen. But, Muhurat chart surely indicates the fate of the event.

K Jagadish