God’s mill will grind slowly, but surely! (Demo)

For a long time, I did not post any message since I myself wanted to experience some of the estimates and make sure that I am on the right track. Of course, I do have evidence of the impact of planetary movement.

Transit Jupiter and Mars in 8th amsa will hit their respective 8th amsa in Aquarius on late night on the 9th October, 2014. I am happy to draw the kind attention of esteemed readers to the post captioned “Jupiter will start firing! Dated July 17, 2014.”

  1. I hope the readers who are keenly watching the Indian political scenario would now agree to a great extent as to how the long hands of the judiciary have hit hard many important politicians. They sheltered themselves under political power for long are now helpless. Thus, my Astrological estimate cited in the earlier paragraph has indeed conveyed precisely what was aimed.
  2. At 2311 hrs IST on October 9, 2014, both Mars and Jupiter will hit their 8th amsa in transit conjoining in Aquarius which is the 10th sign in Indian Independence chart. Interestingly, I find Rahu there in the natal chart. Rahu is a proxy for the Ascendant tightly conjunct. In transit, both Jupiter and Mars will trine transit Saturn and Venus and Venus in Rasi chart is in a debilitated sign in Virgo.
  3. Esteemed reader Pranav who has mailed regarding J Jayalalitha the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and now in jail, perhaps wanted me to comment on the chart. However, due to the existing political scenario in India, I would prefer to be away from unnecessary controversies. Therefore, it is best that I make generic statements and be contended with that. The probable outcome of the effects of point number 2 above may be as follows:
  • Many more politicians’ criminal deeds of the past will now get into the clutches of law.
  • Many lapses of the law enforcement agencies are also likely to draw the attention of the judiciary and the judiciary will come down heavily with iron hands.
  • It is also quite possible that many irregularities, fraud, manipulation and rigging, if any in the recently held general election may now come to limelight. Judiciary will take very hard decisions.
  • Much talked and hyped subject of Indian money stashed in foreign banks fraudulently may get the full attention of the judiciary.
  • As a bottom line message whoever was so far involved in frauds, scams, money laundering and falsehood all along (say since the last about 30 years) will now be brought to justice.

When Saturn moves into Scorpio on November 2, 2014 and receives the 5th aspect of Jupiter, first and foremost, Dharma has to prevail at any cost. Judiciary depicted by Jupiter will be in the Badhaka rasi from Saturn and therefore, Judiciary will pronounce land mark judgments which will take a big toll of the high and mighty. Further, Saturn will be transiting in the 8th sign of the Zodiac while Jupiter is transiting in the 4th sign of the Zodiac, it is very likely that many events which took place while Saturn and Rahu was together in Libra may be nullified. Specifically, the events which took place (like general election) when Saturn and Mars were retrograde is likely to get a major blow.

Anything in the world can be buried deep in the ground, but never the TRUTH. Even if TRUTH is buried by any method, it is bound to come to the surface like a Tsunami.

K Jagadish, 
Bangalore, India.
October 8, 2014