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Good bye Corona Virus! Part 1 of 2

Yes, but not without flood of tears, sorrow, misery and near total devastation. It may become an unforgettable event that will go down the history of the century and for many countries to come.  There will be acute deficiency of vocabulary for all of us to estimate the loss in every walk of our life. And with all that, we can still hope for better times. Most of us have not seen Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the Second World War and it might as well be a near about comparison to that scene, then. After all the worst Tsunami we saw in our life, every event in the world, good or bad, has come to an end, but only after enormous destruction. Anything that goes to a peak has to come down, lest, peak has no meaning or reference. There we are.

I must be honest to beg pardon of the readers for making very bold statements based on the Astrological combination of planets and its effects which are pregnant with full of meaning. Hopefully, we should distance ourselves from the current situation. Interpretation can vary from Astrologer to Astrologer but the bottom line message, most often, acts like a compass.

I am morally bound to alert my readers not to lose hope under all conditions but be safe inside the house as we are all doing already. It is really sad that still some people are freely moving around, and they have already acted as carriers of the virus and distributed to thousands of people and they are bound to suffer and make others also suffer.

In this article, I will present the transit of planets and estimate the impact of it focusing on Navamsa. My article on “Spectacular game of planets in Navamsa” at: is one of the most read articles from all over the globe, ever since I posted. The webpage loading is slow since there are more than 100 articles with images in that spot on the website and therefore request you to be patient. On the premise of Navamsa transits, I am presenting my views on the transit of Sun and Mars in the context of the subject on hand.

How the 5th and 8th combination of planets influence this world

I am compelled to draw the attention of my readers on the sub-heading above. The combination of planets owning the 5th and 8th houses or planets posited there and its aspects both in Rasi and Navamsa charts is capable of creating a totally unexpected or sudden events sometimes for good and sometimes the other way also. Unfortunately, as far as COVID-19 is concerned, it looks unfavourable in my well-considered opinion and the given circumstances. Well, if I am wrong in my interpretation, by chance, I pray God that let only ‘good’ emanate!

Sun enters Aries on April 13, its exalted sign and the trigger-happy Mars excites it and in the current planetary ambiance, the 8th and destructive or termination portfolio of Mars is hyperactive that its 8th lordship of Scorpio rather than its lordship of the 1st sign i.e., Aries which has an ability to create and start new events.

Sun who is the lord of the 5th sign of the Zodiac, enters the 1st sign of the Zodiac and is thus under the excitation of the 8th Lord of the Zodiac that is Mars conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter. Going by the special aspects of each of these planets – Saturn 3 (and 10), Mars 4 (and 8) and Jupiter 5 (and 9), look at the ascending order of the digits viz., 3, 4 and 5, to me simply conveys – “one by one” in actions meaning one triggers the other, voluntarily. Therefore, expect a series of fiery events, all totally unexpected and sudden once Sun enters Aries. Certainly, looks disappointing and disastrous.

Let us analyse the positive and sure effects of Sun moving to Aries. It will be 11th house from where Rahu is posited. This in my opinion is a very good point of hope for the world, but the moment Sun enters Aries, Aries will not be comfortable but it might aggravate the situation for a few days and as already described the suffering in the world could be at its peak. No to lose hope, the transits in Navamsa will slowly and slowly improve the situation. Therefore, I have done the analysis bench marking the transit of Sun in Navamsa, selectively.

Having stated as above, let me walk you through the chronology of future events in store for the whole world, since the very same planets influence just not individuals or specific countries. The only variation could be on account of different time zones and hence the dates, marginally. But the effect and result will be universal.

Sun in 4th Amsa of Aries on April 24, 2020.



The intensity of the effect of Corona Virus is very likely to play havoc on the life of people who have been infected or going to be infected from now on. There is also a very strong possibility of huge emotional problems which is quite obvious since the stellium (more than 2 planets in one sign)  of planets is happening in a watery sign Cancer depicting emotion and owned by Moon, the mind.





Sun in 5th Amsa of Aries on April 27, 2020.





The transit chart above serves as Astrological signature for the 5th and 8th combination and or influence of planets. Instead of commenting on the interpretation and outcome of the highly unfavourable results, we are bound to experience the results. Massive disappearance of souls represented by Sun may take place. Please see my comments in blue in the chart itself.



Sun in 7th Amsa of Aries on May 4, 2020.




In the chart of Sun transiting in the 7th amsa, it is seen that it is posited in its debilitated sign of Libra and exalted Mercury with Mars and Mars aspecting Rahu with the 4th aspect is also highly unfavourable. Thus, Sun, the life giver is very weak and this may cause great danger to a lot of people.



Sun in 8th Amsa of Aries on May 7, 2020.



Sun transiting in Aries in its 8th amsa is also proving to be extremely tough for people under the grip of Corona Virus. At the same time, even Mercury too will be in its 8th amsa  trine Saturn and as such, this may prove to be fatal for many people infected by Corona.




Sun in 9th Amsa of Aries on May 11, 2020.

Sun conjunct Rahu in its 9th amsa indicates the future of the Corona Virus and by May 14, Sun moves to Taurus, in Rasi chart it will be posited in 12th house from where Rahu is posited. Thus, it will no longer give energy to Rahu and Sun will be aspected by Jupiter and that should start a new era of courage and confidence to move on. However, the hangover of the deadly virus may still show up until both Saturn and Jupiter gets retrograde in Capricorn, Saturn right on May 11 and Jupiter on May 14, 2020. If my analysis, interpretation is accurate by the grace of God, all the upset that has taken place since the last few months will slowly and slowly disappear and the normal life will begin. The economy of nations across the globe will get revived.



But by the time we reach the point of climax for the better, hundreds and thousands of people might have already lost their lives. Who can stop the Act of God? Nevertheless, as per a great saint who lived until 1990, while answering the question of a disciple, categorically mentioned that there are no new souls coming into the world from the perspective of a very high level of consciousness and at any given point of time, the total number of souls in the universe of 8.4 million species from ant to elephant including human beings, always remain the same and exception could be extremely negligible in number. He, however, said, that we may sometimes feel that the bird population is more or a particular type of specie is more – that is our perception. The secrets of the economy creation is the prerogative of such saints and by no stretch of imagination, we can ever get knowledge of these things.

Having said these things, the bottom line message that we need to draw or understand is that, after incidents of the type of viruses we have faced all along, it is in our own interest to totally give up flesh eating. This, of course is a billion-dollar question and who cares? Is it not a fact that, of late, humans have started eating all sorts of animals while the story is doing its rounds that the Chinese eating a bird bat has led to Corona Virus!

On the point above, as we are anxiously awaiting to settle down after the terrible misery, a new type of virus and for a change, this time the Brand Ambassadors to spread the virus of Hanta are the rodents. Again, the origin of this is the meat market of one of the Chinese cities.

After reading this article, I am sure the readers’ mood will change for the better, but may I request the readers to await Part 2 of this article, wherein a few points of interest will be brought out through the tools of Astrology.

Thanks for your patience and patronage!

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India. Dated: March 29, 2020.