Homemade Electricity and India (Demo)

Curious? Of course, anyone will indeed feel so. Usual caution for guests – ‘never refuse homemade biscuits’ if anyone offers. I am sure that you will not refuse as far as this article is concerned.

After having said that the new Indian Government will have to mind ‘words more than actions’ as per a Prasna done at the time when swearing-in of Narendra Modi started, the day one was about controversial statement about Article 370 followed by one female minister’s educational qualification. Politics of governance over rides subjects of social interest and welfare of citizens. I wonder Let whether someone in the Government will ever speak about the subject above at all or never.

Mundane Astrology is a niche segment dealing with the nation’s future on different aspects of governance impacting the life of people. This branch of Astrology covers almost all aspects of a Nation’s future right from agricultural produce to nuclear energy generation etc.

Sun decidedly depicts ‘Energy’ and therefore I thought that it will be of interest to all of us. In the Indian independence chart I find the 4th lord Sun being posited in the 12th from its own sign. Secondly, having gone to the house of ‘loss’, it is conjunct Saturn (the 9th and 10th lord), Moon (3rd lord in its own house, luckily), Mercury (the lord of 2nd and 5th house), Venus (the lagna lord and 6th lord). Now, let me attempt to express my impressions as to the how and why of the power situation in the country, and how to combat the deficiencies. In the process let us also explore how the country can enrich by treating the weakness as opportunity for growth. I will indicate the inferences in bullet points first, followed by Astrological reasoning very briefly:

  • Rahu in the star of Sun and Sookshma of Ketu in the Ascendant ‘energy’ will be a perennial problem on the negative side. On the positive side, India will succeed in developing/adopting new technologies with lot of R & D and may even become Global leader in marketing the intellectual property and as well the hardware also.
  • Sun/Saturn in the third house although a planetary conflict, indicates shortage of energy. Secondly, since Saturn stands for engineering, can very well mean, engineering in the field of energy.
  • Moon in its own house is an excellent ‘home’ for the planets in its house. The ground for R & D is great.
  • Venus also conjunct means an appropriate and impressive packaging of all that happens with its associate planets.
  • Mercury conjunct means trading and distribution.
  • Why have I called it ‘homemade’? The fourth house lord is Sun and it has gone one sign back not only means loss or deficiency but also means research while it is happening in the own house of Moon.

Integrating the above planetary combination, on an outer periphery, and of course the impact of other planets in the background, the following commercial inferences can be drawn:

  • India itself will have ‘homemade electricity’ – ‘do it yourself’ kits. This may mean both solar and wind power kits in semi-knocked down condition.
  • Every house can be made to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity. Maximum accountability of self.
  • The demand on the Government and massive capital expenditure will come down. Distribution losses and in-efficient management will be zero.
  • There is scope for massive R & D in the energy sector.
  • Energy kits can be marketed across the globe including most advanced countries.
  • Huge employment generation (Moon in its own house) is a very strong possibility.
  • India will not only become a World leader in the energy sector but also earn huge foreign exchange on a continuous basis.
  • Additional benefits could be that R & D will take place in innovating more and more energy efficient gadgets. This is another revenue model for companies.
  • The demand for intellectual property and the hardware will be an ‘evergreen’ growing industry and we might even draw a parallel as to how Microsoft is gaining out of intellectual property.

Applied Astrology can be very useful if we can attempt to figure out the deficiencies in a chart and attempt to counter it by application of mind. Of course, on an individual level, there will be always limitations whilst we can remember – ‘where there is a will there is a way’.

K Jagadish