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Hope, prediction and God (Demo)

I have been getting mail from many readers across the globe on various posts in the blog. At the outset, I have a pleasant duty to thank them for reading the posts with so much of interest. I am grateful to all the readers including those who have drawn tangents as per their mindset and what they perceive as right.

There are many posts in the blog which have emanated out of Prasna and or birth chart and it is certainly true that the ground reality as of now is way beyond the conclusions arrived out of Astrological analysis. Perhaps even more important is that the level of hope really went high while the Election results became a flop. I must admit that if there are readers who felt broken or totally disappointed, please be sure that the author too is included in the same category. I have mentioned this point in the post captioned ‘Sharing our pain’.

In fact, I have also chosen some headings like – God has lost his job, God is on a holiday etc., for two reasons. From a presentation point of view, it is true that I expect ‘Eyeballs’ on the post. Secondly, it is equally important to express my own anguish as to what has been going on with respect to Election results. After having said this, I must make it very clear that there was no intention to hurt the faith and belief in God of readers at all. What all I meant is that we have become a sort of helpless spectators and witness to all that is bad. It shall never mean that there is no God or that it is amounting to questioning anyone’s sentiment either.

Hope is the life-line for all. Human beings may be live without oxygen for a few minutes but will not survive for few seconds without hope. As a continuation of this point, Astrology is a tool given by God to create hope and build confidence that – Ok, tomorrow will be good. I have even narrated this point as to how I answered a question of one contestant just 16 hours before the counting began and how I answered the question about Arvind Kejriwal couple of days earlier to counting.

If some good Astrologer were to mention as soon as the Elections were announced that AAP will get only 4 seats, could we expect the volunteers to put in the kind of effort that we know about. In the first place, would AAP get candidates to contest and if yes, how many volunteers would have slogged across the country? I think this point needs to be elaborated a bit. The prediction was not engineered to achieve the goal. What was estimated Astrologically was posted. Secondly, many points like the one captioned ‘AAPs effort is insured by God’ is aftermath of an estimate and not to hurt anybody’s sentiment about God. After all, is anyone sure that the effort has gone down the drain?

A point of utmost importance is that it is obvious that all of us look for accurate predictions. I too as an Astrologer need accurate predictions if there is another Astrologer who can give it to me. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. This is just one side of the coin. But, let us look at the other side of the coin. What is perhaps most important is, in terms of being practical, should we continue the hope and ambition regarding a subject or should we completely destroy it through the tools of Astrology? Simultaneously, let us think whether it is correct to give ‘wrong hope’ if at all it can be said so. I do not know how far a ‘hairsplitting’ argument over this point will be valid or useful. Every time I write about an estimate or prediction, I have invariably made it a point to add that ‘it is my ambition and prayer as well’ and many times I have even appealed to readers to join my prayer.

In conclusion, I would like to categorically deny that any post in this blog was ever aimed at ‘playing with sentiments of readers about God’. About my favourite ‘Prasna’ and its failure as has been described by one reader, yes, I admit that it is indeed a failure. But, just wait for some time to see how much of which subject or point turns out to be correct. Secondly, I have myself short-listed all my estimates in one post such that it will easy for readers to recapitulate. Please observe some points mentioned very early 2014 or end 2013 and where the political scenario stands now. Nevertheless, the salient points are so sensitive and absolutely correct while it has got drowned under major points like defeat of Arvind Kejriwal in Varanasi. I appeal to readers as to how the impact of AAP decimated major political parties directly or indirectly and how stalwarts kept running for votes at 45 degrees Celsius.

I request your patience a bit more and let us watch out the next course of events as we pray God for good of India. God cannot be isolated from Astrology or the posts here as long as I am breathing. There is no question of playing around with sentiments of people about God. Regarding the success or failure of predictions, let me tell you that the author is not attempting to profess as a very good Astrologer, so much so, that if a child is born and someone wanting to know what is the longevity of the child and I say XYZ years, months and days and parents instead of celebrating birth days’ they will cry that the longevity of the child is getting reduced year on year. Accuracy is essential but contextually, while at the same time, I do agree that there is no point in giving false hopes, if any. Knowing about a coming danger is more dangerous than the danger itself. Astrology has to be looked from the perspective of motivation and not implanting disgust, misery and pain.

Thanks for your patience.

K Jagadish