India just now! (Demo)

Oh! Political festive season and high expectations, a sort of never before situation. Is there someone who will disagree? It is almost impossible to expect any deviation from this scenario.

  1. Yes, a small section of the Astrological community, perhaps who can be easily classified as ‘sadists’ but, analytical and sensitive, have already said contrary to ground zero. This category may even be termed as ‘running behind losers, idealists and the hopeless’. But they are looking at the planets, holistically, taking into account Indian Independence chart, Narendra Modi’s chart and much debated swearing-in chart.
  2. The fanfare, the hype and jubilation and tremendous publicity, the authoritative dissemination of hope for the people and what else… are unfortunately not seen in the charts. Except that Uranus in the natal chart of Narendra Modi stands out to help the Astrologers. There will not be a single taker for this line of thought and whoever talks on this line might find a place in a lunatic asylum! Yes, this is the Astrological ambiance.
  3. I appeal to the readers to wait for a little while to see it for yourselves whether the glamour thus created is it intrinsically organic and natural or ‘make believe’ and cancerous muscle growth, just wait and see. Time is the best judge.

Where is Arvind Kejriwal? Sorry, he is facing the music from mosquitoes in Tihar jail. What an irony of fate and mysterious are the methods of God. There is nothing to doubt about the existence of God since this is how every honest revolutionist has been persecuted. It is true that we all expect ‘quick fix’ solutions for our problems. I think we have to wait and watch. I am sure all the hype outside Tihar Jail will tremble so quickly that it may be too much for us to believe as per point 2 above.

Please do not think that I am giving false hopes. It is certainly an Astrological estimate, but, “just wait” is the bottom line message.

K Jagadish