Jupiter attacking big-wigs! (Demo)

As expected Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer, its exalted sign, I think we have already come across many instances in India wherein the names of the high and mighty are involved in legal battles. Right on the day Jupiter entered Cancer it was the case of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu which made a big noise.

Now we find many instances of national importance creating a bang, including the appointment of a Supreme Court judge. Obviously, all is not well with the Government. However, common men are still far away from news on the judicial front.

A prasna done around 1230 hrs at Bangalore, India on June 26, 2014 reveals Libra rising and following points may be relevant:

  • Transit Mars enters its own star which is the 8th amsa of Virgo on June 28th 1700 hrs. I would take this as a trigger for beginning of termination of many events which started when it became retrograde on March 1, 2014.
  • Typically, Mars was then (March 1) was transiting in the 2nd amsa of Libra viz., Scorpio while in rasi it was in the company of Rahu and Saturn which got retrograde the next day viz., March 2.
  • In Navamsa, retrograde Mars in Scorpio was hemmed in between Rahu in Sagittarius and in rasi it was in Libra. In my opinion, it is astrologically an explosive situation and we have witnessed the general election when India got a political shock.
  • Mercury turns direct on July 1st around 1830 hrs thus stopping some back and forth movements about media, communication, information, contracts, and documents etc., related to Government. A media giant being taken over during retrogression of Mercury might trigger backlashes, possibly.
  • Around 0446 hrs IST (Bangalore coordinates referred) on July 14, 2014 transit Mars will cross over transit Rahu in Virgo and this may lead to an extraordinary emergency situation needing immediate attention.
  • Before Sun moves into Cancer on July 16, 2120 hrs, probably on the legal front there could be some big turmoil for the Government.
  • Government may have to face many odd situations and will be compelled to place facts before the Court specifically when Sun transits in Cancer between July 16th and August 17th.
  • Since the focal point of planetary activity is impacting 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th house of India, involving specifically Rahu, it is possible that Iraq conflict can get escalated with wide spread repercussions.
  • Many Astrological points of significance synergises with observation made in Narendra Modi’s swearing-in Muhurath chart and as well Prasna done by me, then.

An esteemed reader of this blog was good enough to give me AAP incorporation chart with the data as 12 noon, 26 November, 2012 at New Delhi.  A few interim observations that I would like to make is:

  • With Capricorn rising, the 4th and 11th lord is Mars posited in the 12th but 9th from the Moon sign which somewhat balances the negativity and since it is posited in Sagittarius, Mars is comfortable in the house owned by Jupiter.
  • Rahu acts as proxy for Mars and Sun as well.
  • Rahu moving to Virgo as explained in the earlier part is good for AAP. Many observations made in that context are beneficial to AAP.
  • Venus Dasa and Sun Bhukti ends on September 14th, 2014 and that is very good. However, Venus-Sun-Venus starting July 14th is good in view of the transit of Rahu representing Mars and Ketu representing Venus and retrograde Jupiter.
  • Till now transit Rahu transiting over three natal planets viz., Venus, Saturn and retrograde Mercury was not favourable while it was a sure indication of a lot for friction with females, within the party itself, money matters, organization, volunteers/associates and future.
  • I would bank on Rahu transiting in the 6th house from Moon on July 14th and Saturn moving to Scorpio on November 2nd as interesting turning points.
  • Even before July 14th AAP should stand to gain a lot of political mileage specifically from the judicial perspectives involving mainly opponents.

Many times Astrology looks like ‘match fixing’ when we go to estimates, but, when I am experiencing Astrology, most often it has been indeed a very pleasant surprise to hear about events taking place as estimated. Therefore, I feel it is not the case of ‘match fixing’ but ‘fixing the match’. Let us wait patiently and watch.

K Jagadish,
June 26, 2014,
Bangalore, India.