How to Fix an Appointment

May I have your attention please? (Demo)

This is the 100th post since the Blog got active in 2014.

I think it will be nice to draw your attention to my article published on July 3, 2014 captioned as “Looking for trillion dollar political capital?” when we were all reeling under utter disappointment about God’s unwillingness then, to demonstrate and uphold ‘Truth & Justice’ despite herculean effort put in by sincere, honest and good people.

I request the readers to once again go through the post cited above. My attention is particularly on the paragraph quoted below:

“Mammoth and gigantic elephant weighing in tones possessing the prowess to uproot trees, building etc., by just a deep breath, is afraid of ants weighing say, 2 milligrams to 5 milligrams. Surprising? No, it is indeed true that if a few ants get into the trunk of the elephant, elephant gets dysfunctional and may even die. Elephants do not go near a plant or tree infected with ants. I am compelled to leave it to the readers to visualize or stretch the imagination and conclude who these ants are?”

Of course, it may be intriguing as to why, out of the blue, I have suddenly brought out the particular post. God willing, this may even be the right time to take it with all seriousness it deserves and act from February 10, 2015 itself.

Jupiter is very well known to be the greatest benefactor in the planetary kingdom while it also turns out to be the worst enemy for the wrong doers, no matter how powerful they are in every conceivable way under the Sun. Saturn is another hard task master who will not allow ‘Adharma’ at any cost. But, the billion dollar question is about the timing. This is where Astrology comes into picture. Is this the time to look out for “Corruption free India or Free corruption India”, while the number of alphabets and words are one and the same in both the statements?

Let us hope for the best.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

February 6, 2015.