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My presentation at the Hindu University of America, Orlando, Florida (Demo)

It is quite sometime now since I posted any article. I was touring the United States on a mission of promotion of my three books viz., “95%+Success – A Guide to Mind Building”, “Fasten your Mind to Excel – An insight into Mind Lab” and “Excel in Life through 4D – A New Lease of Life from Today!”.

The foundation of Astrology is surely Spirituality and therefore, I am attempting to allocate considerable time to strengthen the foundation. Thus at the moment I am lying a bit low on Astrology.

While in the US, I was invited by the Hindu University of America to make a presentation both on Spirituality and briefly on Astrology too. I have titled my presentation as “A Life of Zero Gravity”. I have endeavoured to disseminate the Universal Truth of human life. I am happy to share the YouTube link of my presentation and request our esteemed readers to kindly find time to go through the presentation. Here is the link:


K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
November 4, 2016.