Philosophical tangent to Indian Independence chart (Demo)

In personal charts to peep into the spiritual outlook Atmakaraka planet is identified and some inferences are drawn. However, in respect of mundane Astrology, applying the same points to Indian Independence Chart, perhaps we have to explore solutions to the decaying democratic set up in India. I am sure anyone will agree with me that the political system over a period of more than six decades, unfortunately, has led to total erosion of values of governance. The result is that the common people are increasingly suffering in every walk of life. Let us try to think a bit different through the Astrological perspectives to find if there will be any end to present state of governance and or improvement in governance.

Overview about Atmakaraka:

Sun is the natural Atmakaraka for everyone. However, based on the individual chart, normally the planet which is at the highest longitude is taken as the Atmakaraka planet which is called the Chara-Atmakaraka. In the Indian Independence chart, it is quite surprising that the natural and Chara-Atmakaraka both happens to be Sun!

Even more interestingly, the Navamsa lagna and the Atmakaraka Sun are conjoined and is in the same sign Pisces. Pisces sign being the 12th sign (the last sign) of the Zodiac is normally considered as ‘Nivruthha Rasi’ or ‘Retirement’ whilst Atmkaraka itself depicts emancipation. Therefore, my weird thinking leads to a number of questions below:

  1. India is running Sun/Venus since Sept 3, 2014 and Sun dasa ends on Sept 3, 2015 and it precisely agrees with the Atmakaraka/emancipation concern.
  2. As far as spirituality/philosophy is concerned, watery signs of the Zodiac viz., Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are generally good from the emancipation point of view.
  3. Even in the Rasi dasa system India will be then running Taurus/Pisces/Leo/Pisces. Taurus is the Lagna of India, Pisces is the Atmakaraka sign (watery), Leo the 4th bhava of India wherein its lord Sun has moved to the house of ‘loss’ the 12th (Cancer) and of course again Pisces, the watery sign. Sun typically depicts Government.
  4. With the backdrop of the above points, is it that the country can get emancipated from the rule of blatant liars, power and money greedy, muscle powered, irrational and directionless with no agenda for implementing good governance, a set of nasty and brute political tribe.
  5. Rahu in Navamsa is in 12th sign from the Atmakaraka sign and behind it is Saturn/Venus in the 10th sign of the Zodiac well aspected by Jupiter in Taurus with the 9th beneficial aspect.
  6. With Jupiter in 3rd from Atmakaraka and Navamsa Lagna and Saturn/Venus in the 11th, is it that we can really look forward for something excellent in terms of governance??????
  7. It is generally accepted in Astrology that in Navamsa when Atmakaraka conjoins the Navamsa lagna, reveals the chart is that of a King with so much of riches. Is it not that India is fabulously rich???? But, where is the money?????
  8. Moon and Ketu are the only planets in the star of Saturn and sooksma of Saturn which is very good for Taurus Ascendant. This is exactly the reason for my strong hopes in Moon dasa.
  9. I have already written about retrograde exalted Jupiter transiting over natal Rahu in Navamsa till February 8, 2015 while the Election in Delhi is scheduled for 7th Whether at all it sets the ground for a good transformation from Sun dasa to Moon dasa is to be seen with bated breath.

My take and wish is whether the citizens of this country get justice at least in Moon das starting September 3, 2015. I wanted to take the esteemed readers with a walk-thru of the dasa sequence of India which explains clearly as to which period was what and, how the political tribe looted India. As an afterthought, I gave it up since it is a waste of time.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

January 18, 2015.