Philosophical tangent to Indian Independence chart – Part 2 (Demo)

I would like to share a few more points under the above heading which I am sure you would have already gone through. A research on Atmakaraka and its dasa has been very interesting indeed although no one can write a sort of ‘rule book’. Practical observations in respect of some close associates reveals quite a bit. However, since the Atmakaraka in principle applies only to living beings still the basic tenets can be extended to inanimate charts like that of a country as well.

I have the following points to present:

  • Generally the dasa of Atmakaraka is considered to be unfavourable. In case of India, Sun dasa started on September 3, 2009 and ends on September 3, 2015. We have already witnessed during this period so many scandals broke out resulting in loot of the exchequer.
  • As the Sun dasa ends, since Rahu is in the 12th from Navamsa Lagna and Sun in the Indian Independence chart, what kind of emancipation can be expected is highly imaginary.
  • As on today the January 19, 2015, exalted retrograde Jupiter is in close orbit of natal Sun in Rasi and is going to roll over Rahu in navamsa around January 26, 2015. This itself is highly unfavourable from so many angles from an Astrological point of view.
  • Further, on January 26, at 0836 hrs Mars enters the 4th pada of Rahu star corresponding to 6th amsa and squaring Rahu in Gemini and opposing Saturn in Virgo. This may not mean good at all.
  • All the points above taken with the background of the ensuing election in Delhi looks like a big confusion, whereas, an infant political party is trying to capture power.
  • Simultaneously, the threat of terrorist activities is haunting all of us.

In conclusion, I am wondering whether the principle of Atmakaraka and its dasa ending September 3, 2015 hold any water and, if so, to what extent it benefits the citizens of India.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

January 19, 2015.