Philosophical tangent to Indian Independence chart – Part 3 (Demo)

On the subject, this is the final and last part and I would like to go a bit deep into a few salient and most critical points of spirituality which is the foundation on which the subject of Astrology has taken its birth.

The Karmic theory – as you sow, so you reap, is universal and human life is entirely pivoted on this point. This point is typically represented in Astrology by the Bhavas 1, 5 and 9. This represents the present life, past life and future life while in any given context it is current, past and future events.

After having stated the basic tenets of the significance of 1, 5 and 9, of course, we are left wondering as to why are we not getting the results of our past good actions in this life while many crooks who have determined to lead a life of dishonesty, fraud, manipulation and so to say, born bad are flourishing, like most of our politicians? My take on this is that may be in their previous life/lives, it is possible that they have incurred good karmas while in the present life they are squandering away all the good karmas they would have accumulated. Perhaps, they are filling their pot of sins to the brim and, can crash any moment, while higher the raise, greater the fall.

Moving on to the philosophical/spiritual points just on the outer periphery of the subject heading, the result of our karmas are delivered through the planets and the reference point is always the planetary position at the time of birth wherein the Ascendant or the Lagna is a unique point.

On a number of occasions I have written about the concept of Pinda (physical plane), Anda (the Astral plane) and Brahamanda (the Casual plane). From the top most viz., Brahamanda, the lower down viz., Astral plane is a reflection and the lowest the physical plane is a reflection of Astral plane. Therefore, the planets which are the main cause of our life in this physical world can be said to be in the Anda region. Since Astrology is a science of movement of planets, ultimately they have the final say in our life.

Firstly, since the planets dominating us are in the Astral region the physical laws are not applicable to them. Secondly, unless one has attained super-conscious level by any type of meditation and can see through the personal Aura of people in the physical world, there is no way of knowing the destiny. Thus the one and only method is through Astrology. Of course, there may be nothing new in this statement. However, since the planets are in the Astral region, the physical laws are not applicable although they move in a specific pattern in a path which is the subject matter of Astronomy.

A small extension of the above paragraph; since our life in the Pinda region is a reflection of Anda region where the physical laws are not at all applicable alone means that this life is nothing short of an illusion and we are always guided by what we see, touch, hear and so on. Thus, the very premise of our conclusions is based on illusion.

Directly hitting the subject, all the game of numbers, power of sorts, money and muscle power etc., are mere hallucination and can flop any moment even for just at the throw of a straw. Any silly reason or even no reason, anything can happen and we will be caught unaware due to the karmic theory.

Since the subject of spirituality has been touched upon in the remotest manner, I would like to share a few points which may be convincing. A Yogi in meditation experiences absolute weightlessness while in meditation and reversible rigor mortis would have set in and, is practically dead while the biological functions of the body are absolutely normal. This means the Yogi will be in the Astral region but can descend at his will. Thus the physical laws will not be applicable to such a person although he is still in the physical region.

Anyone would wonder as to why am I writing all this in this blog of Astrology? I have already answered this in the earlier paragraphs and trying to summarise, I have the following inferences:

  • The current situation, be it in personal life of anyone or in politics, can change in accordance with the Astrological parameters in a split second.
  • The power, strength and claim of anyone no matter how high they are and there are no reasons to doubt whatsoever is nothing short of an offshoot of hallucination.
  • Ultimately, the world will go on strictly in accordance with the Karma theory in all walks of our life.
  • Those who think and act in accordance with ‘Truth and Justice’ and what is acceptable to the divine power only will win although the fraudulent and criminals do enjoy a lot of things. This may just be the result of some good karmas of their previous life/lives.
  • Our so-called intelligence is extremely limited and most often it can very well be termed as even ‘perverse’ unless used for the good of the society. Only then it has the sanction of God.
  • No one can fool everyone all the time.

While I am contemplating of posting another article on the ensuing Moon dasa of India and before which I have something to share with you about the present retrogression of Mercury linking with some important events in the political arena, let me say:


K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

January 29, 2015.