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Please recapitulate comments on Navamsa transits (Demo)

As already mentioned several times in the past about transits in Navamsa, in an upbeat mood, specifically about Saturn’s move to 8th amsa on August 20, 2014, the Government in India has already run into rough weather on a number of issues. A point worth noting is the judicial intervention which I have already covered under the caption “Jupiter will start firing”.

Since August 20, we find several important subjects coming up before the judiciary and many or most of them are likely to have wide spread and deep negative repercussions on the Government.  The current issues are just small samples of many more mega events which are very likely to come up when Jupiter enters Mercury star on September 3, 2014.

It is Astrologically exciting to watch out the performance of the Government in the days to come.

K Jagadish,                                       
Bangalore, India.
August 22, 2014.