Re-Election in India because of Retrograde Saturn & Mars? (Demo)

The Election in India has begun when the causative planet depicting democracy viz., Saturn is retrograde and the planet of energy, drive and aggression viz.,  Mars too is retrograde. Whenever a major event is scheduled if the causative planet/s for that event is retrograde, the event will get repeated very soon leading to instability. Thus, the Election 2014 in India will surely be a repeat event sooner than later.

Here is the Part I about retrogression of planets.

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Part 1

I think it is high time that we do a bit of ‘deep sea diving’ on the issue of Retrograde Planets. I just want to share my own discrete thoughts rather than quoting books or people.

The phenomenon of Planets getting Retrograde in transits vis-a-vis natal planets is intriguing enough to go take a sort of final call and start understanding better. We have to necessarily draw tangents from a very casual and light hearted approach to the subject, and re-visit  our own mindset while planets re-visits many phases of our life, and thus aim at reforming or refining the houses it transits while being retrograde.

In the first place, a planet gets retrograde when Sun transits in the 5th to that of the planet with the only exception of Mercury. Let’s underline 5th, and to me, it strikes that the past is being reviewed. Is it yet another opportunity for us, to review all matters related to the planet / house it occupies at birth and in transit as well? Of course, never to ignore its transit in Navamsa. This is indeed, a fact that you will be compelled to agree, whether you like it or not.

The next question before us is even more interesting and challenging! The following points may please be called upon to get a holistic understanding of the phenomenon of Retrogression:

  • A planet getting retrograde in a movable sign – Let’s straight get on to D9 which simply means the 1st navamsa of the sign itself. This right away indicates that it is the current scenario being re-visited. Am I right?
  • A planet getting retrograde in a fixed sign – Straight go to D9 that is the 1st navamsa of the sign and when we say 9th – it is nothing short of “Future” being re-visited. Is it Ok?
  • A planet getting retrograde in a dual sign – Go on to D9 when the 1st navamsa is in the 5th sign. Is it past being re-visited?

Please look at the beauty of Sun’s transit, the root cause of Retrogression. Sun activates a planet transiting 5th house behind it and makes it ‘direct’ when Sun moves to the 9th (5th to 5th) from the planet which it has ordered to be ‘Retrograde’. Now integrating both, I think it is just a matter of commonsense for us to link up and package the issue of Retrogression without leaving out any doubt, whatsoever, and may be if all of you agree, at least I would like to freeze my mind on the subject once and for all in my life, and stop reading stories about the phenomenon of retrogression!! Thus, Sun during its movement for 5 months touches upon those houses and if we have any planet/s in the natal chart, certainly those planets are being called upon to ‘modulate’ the effects that is supposed to impact the native’s life synchronising with the movement of the Retrograde planet in D9.

I conclude that my understanding of how the whole universe is in the grip of 1 (present life or issue), 5 (past life or past event in question) and indicate the ‘Future’ 9 (both life and the event in question). Does it not support the Karma theory, adequately? Perhaps, every thought and action has to be so refined if we want a good future! Therefore, can Astrology help in building a good Society?

I have tried my best to present my case in very simple words and to support the above points, if it is not clear, I request you to take the example of retrogression of Saturn at present. It will be voluminous to narrate with an example.

K Jagadish

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, dated the 19th April, 2014