Sharing our pain (Demo)

It is true that we have no choice except to admit that – dishonest, corrupt to the core, immoral, illegal, hypocrites, inhuman, anti-social, anti-national, absolutely self-centered, power hungry, murderers, convicts have ganged up and joined blood smeared hands together and have taken over India. Some of them almost came straight from jail and may be some are out on bail. Our pain is certainly unbearable. Mind is absolutely wrecked and I hate to see TV any more. Anyway, it is not the end of our future or that of the country. Oh! Their mouth is open only to speak big lies for every stroke of tongue and right through it is only falsehood and still talk about honesty. Many words have lost its meaning as well. When will enough be enough?

It is true that against someone’s query I had mentioned that Arvind Kejriwal will win very narrowly from Varanasi. This is the least that all of us expected or hoping for. In Astrology, questions for which we get ‘not so convincing’ the benefit of doubt will obviously weigh in favour of our likes which is nothing short of bias. That also if the question is put a few days in advance, I have no choice except to say ‘good’ which was also my prayer. So there I was.

In the case of another contestant, the query was put less than 18 hours before counting and there the mindset was different and I said that it will be very difficult to win instead decisively saying that the candidate will lose. I hope have shared my thought process.

There are some comments from three readers which I thought should be published giving due respect to their privacy. I have reproduced them below.

Comment of Reader 1.“Even i hv lost faith in God, wl never go to shani dev’s mandir ever again because i always believed that whatever happens, God supports the right but the fact is God is NOT there or just like humans likes people who can spend tons of money for elaborate puja or donation to their temples. I lost my “faith”!!! More than making kejriwal or AAP lose, God (if there) failed to do justice or support d truth today and that FINISHES my belief on them to do good for anyone!!! I feel broken!!! Not related to any party bt becoz i lost my close ones (GOD) today!!!”

Comment of Reader 2.“I had several wonderful encounters of Astrological predictions coming spot on with precision of 99% with date and time, would like to brief a fact, my erstwhile friend expert in horary and astro science predicted the demise of Princess Diana and on the D day entire family sat in front of BBC to see if the prediction come true, after few hours entire family left except 4-5 of his close friends only the see the channel flashing Princess Diana met with Car accident and then its history. During the course of our several interactions he explained its never easy to make predictions for political parties since it involves destinies & chart of all the leaders, along with parties, state or country’s chart. All of them have to be considered and therefore its difficult to get accurate predictions. However, as someone who has real concern for issues and problem general public suffering i can vouch that saints have left behind great science to handle them and dissolve the negativities which plagued this country with spiritual remote control sitting at home itself….and trust me its very very very easy. It just requires few thousand people to come together.”

Comment of Reader 3.

“(1)Loksabha 2009 saturn was retrograde no midterm poll.
(2)loksabha 1999 saturn was retrograde no midterm poll.
(3)loksabha 1998 saturn was direct still govt collapsed.
(4)Loksabha 1996 saturn was direct still govt collapsed.”

My reply to the above points: Thanks for your insight. As per my understanding on retrogression of Saturn, here are the precise points:

  • Mere retrogression of Saturn will certainly not lead to midterm poll.
  • Even Mars has to be retrograde.
  • Most important point is the Zodiac sign in which Saturn is transitting then and what it means with respect to Indian Independence chart.
  • In which amsa (like 6, 7 or 8 and so on) Saturn became retrograde and the position of its dispositor.
  • Where was Mars then and its Navamsa concerns.
  • The aspects in Rasi chart and Navamsa has to superimposed over each other and weighed with the Independence chart.

My comments to make an educated guess through Astrology combined with my own and some my very close friends life experience is the guiding factor to arrive at the conclusion. Of course, the ground reality at the moment is such that any one talking about midterm poll will surely be called as a fool and dooms day predictor, and rightly so.

Let us keep our hopes on as we share our mind for better India. God does not need any time for changing his creation or there is anything that he cannot do or difficult for him. It can be a matter of one word from X to Y which is sufficient to bring about any kind of situation.

K Jagadish