Senior VP, xxxxxxxxx, Mumbai, India.

The method of Prashna Kundli adopted by Mr. K Jagadish is simply superb! I am in periodical touch with Mr. K Jagadish since the last over 4 years now. Amazingly, the same or similar question put by me on a variety of concerns of my family and me during these 4 years, it is absolutely surprising that the outcome of interpretation of his Prashna Kundli Astrology, consistently indicated the trend of his first ever prediction given by him the very first meeting. I met him personally once or twice in a period of over 4 years now and all subsequent consultations were only on telephone. Distance does not make any difference whatsoever.

The best part of his Astrological predictions was that there has been excellent consistency in the outcome of his predictions although the practical scenario that was explained to him most often greatly opposed to his prediction. This was really baffling and he held on to his gun, unperturbed. In the result, Mr. K Jagadish won the game and proved that ‘he is always right’! Here, he has proved his level of confidence in his Prashna Kundli predictions. It is indeed amazing and truly far above the Astrology Knowledge and simply put, it is his level of intuition combined with Astrological Knowledge with a unique divine approach to the subject.

His Prashna Kundli Astrology acts like Life Shock Absorber and gives peace of mind to face our routine very confidently and move on. Therefore, I was compelled to introduce him to my close circle of friends, relatives and my kith and kin. And all of them are quite pleased and thank me for the introduction.

I wish him all the best in life and may God give him good health and prosperity to serve more and more people.

Chairman & Managing Director, xxxxxxx, New Delhi.

Mr. K Jagadish is an extraordinary Prashna Kundli Astrologer and his predictions are surely beyond what the world can offer! Most often, I have experienced situations where I had very meticulously planned taking the ground realities into account planned for my open-heart surgery in the United States, almost 2 months later and was very confident of it, the Prashna Kundli Famous Astrologer very bluntly told me that the surgery will happen the very next month itself and it was too much to believe and digest. It was not at all because of any medical emergency but due to circumstances which came up quite naturally. This only proves that he is in tune with nature or what the Creator intends!


Yet another practical sample of Mr. K Jagadish’s Extra Sensory Perception which took me by surprise was an incident which excited me beyond anyone’s imagination is with regard to a legal encounter. This prediction of Mr. K Jagadish, the Famous Prashna Kundli Expert was again too much to believe. I wanted a particular document which was in the custody of the Court back for a short duration for a specific purpose and my attorneys had strongly counselled me that if you ask that document, the Court may order immediate arrest. However, Mr. K Jagadish had clearly advised me to be present personally in the Court and then either me or my attorney could orally make a request to the Court expressing my dire need of the document in the custody of the Court but never in writing. I convinced my attorneys to mention orally and I got it back! The way Mr. K Jagadish the Prashna Expert was unique. He had mentioned that the Court (Judge) will be in a “very good mood” on that day and your wish will be satisfied. I have no words to explain these things.

As a humble client of Mr. K Jagadish, the Prashna Kundli Expert, I invariably consult him on almost every important point of my multi-crore business and act according to his Astrological and Intuitive guidance.


I wish him all the best and I have introduced him to a number of business and industry friends doing very big business.

CEO, xxxxxx, Bangalore

The famous Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish is a very big Human Resources Asset for a business organization. Although, I call it as ‘Human Resources’ it is only for the sake of familiarity of the word, whereas, practically the Astrological knowledge resources through his Prashna Kundli Astrology is like an Business Consultant guiding the management, on-line, to make every ‘Key’ decision which can make and unmake the business empire. I have personally experienced astonishing factors in the guidance given by Mr. K Jagadish through his most powerful Astrological Tool of Prashna Kundli. Most of the time dealing with my clients, on very critical issues and even when a business organization had given in writing terminating the contract, Mr. K Jagadish, was stubborn  in his opinion through Prashna Kundli that the client shall not terminate the contract. Don’t you think that the opinion is exactly opposite ground reality? Indeed, the client could not terminate the contract due to a host of reasons which they themselves did not realize! Thus, I would say that Mr. K Jagadish is 100% right all the way! It is really amazing and the confidence that he builds in our mind is fantastic. The confidence Mr. K Jagadish imbibes in us is really amazing and that leads to self-motivation and inspires us to move on confidently.


It is also worth sharing an extremely important point which is the result of very frequent Astrological consultation with the most celebrated Prashna Kundli Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish is, that he is able of offer 360* view of his own Prashna Kundli in an inimitable manner where he can explain clearly visualizing the ambiance of any organization be it the mind of the Key Executives of the client end, the financial implication and the merits and demerits of a situation in a lucid manner. These are all way beyond the scope of anyone’s birth chart. Thus, I hold the Prashna Kundli Astrology of Mr. K Jagadish in very high esteem and admitting clearly that he has indeed helped me and my enterprise, steering forward in sever business competition. Therefore, I wish that a lot of business people should get benefitted by him, whether it is business or life activities, in general.


I have been availing the services of Mr. K Jagadish since the year 2014, the very first time I met him. I wish him all the best and I have done my moral duty to the Society by introducing Mr. K Jagadish, the Famous Prashna Kundli Astrologer to a number of business associates, friends and relatives and find that everyone is really happy and comfortable.

I wish Mr. K Jagadish the very best in life and may God give him good health and prosperity in life.

HR Consultant, Business Consultant and Woman Entrepreneur, xxxxxxx, Kolkata.

I am myself a Qualified Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Face reader which I am practicing as a hobby and most often helping many friends and business people known to me in other contexts. I am so lucky to come across a Secret Celebrity Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish, the Prashna Kundli expert in Bangalore, through his website https://www.enlighten-mind.com. I know him since the last few years. The very first brief consultation I had with him sometime in the year 2017, I am tempted to consult him very frequently. Whenever, I hit a dead-end in my thought process on a variety of concerns in my business life and personal life, the first thing that I do is to schedule an appointment with him on a priority basis and I will not proceed further without seeking his guidance on-line! I myself having sound knowledge in Astrology and Tarot reading, it is inevitable for me to schedule an urgent appointment with Mr. K Jagadish before moving my little finger. His predictions are just not his accuracy of predictions alone but his approach is holistic and gives a sense of total satisfaction followed by tones of motivation and inspiration. Mr. K Jagadish just radiates his level of confidence and assures of success when his Great Prashna Kundli speaks for him. He derives extraordinary out of the world strength, confidence, a positive and decisive approach to our question / subject and articulates the same in a lucid manner and that pushes tremendous energy into our mind and body! Experiencing is believing and not by mere written words!


Being in touch with him very frequently, Mr. K Jagadish has almost become the Engine of my life itself and I see a protecting hand in his words. I have so many things to write about Mr. K Jagadish but do not possess the necessary vocabulary although I am well educated but the words cannot describe Mr. K Jagadish and his Prashna Kundli Astrology!


I wish a long life, good health and prosperity and wish a lot more people take his help for their own good!