The Last Nail on Corona!

This article should give all of us a sigh of relief. Yes, for sure, when the fury of the deadly COVID-19 will get absolutely weak or almost find its way out of this universe! Since all of us are running out of patience, I thought everyone needs a beam of light to look forward to limp back to near restoration of our routine life.

Well, after pointing out my fingers directly at Jupiter-Rahu in transit relationship in the sign owned by Mercury. Generally, Mercury is called the “Messenger of God” because of its proximity to Sun and it is always within 27.5 degrees form Sun! As I write this article and as already mentioned in my earlier article about critical dates wherein, the first date is April 7, 2020, I am venturing to bring a very valid and most relevant point in Astrology.

The purpose of this article is to assure and reassure ourselves that fury of Corona Virus should certainly lose its strength on May 20, 2020. It should good and reasonable to give valid Astrological reasoning, boldly, and in public domain instead of a statement as a mere prophecy.

The fury of the deadly killer COVID-19 will unfortunately last until May 20,2020 since Rahu is transiting in its own star Aridra. Rahu will move to the star of Mrigasira, the trigger ready Mars on the said date. I expect the tail of Rahu will then be cut off. Please do not draw wrong conclusions that Aridra star is bad, Rahu is bad and so on, in the context of birth charts. It is my moral duty to caution on these sensitive points.

We should all cheer up now, and hope for the best and still tolerate for until May 20, 2020 although there will be critical dates already mentioned in my articles.

In my next article, I will share a good lot of information about Rahu-Ketu more from Spiritual perspectives rather than Astrological and Astronomical perspectives. Secondly, very soon, I will also post an article about the consequences of Rahu entering Taurus on September 23, 2020. Please do not entertain negative thoughts that there is going to be more problems. At the same time, no one can stop the planets which are continuously moving and that is how the Creator runs this universe, with 100% justice to everyone while it is beyond our level of consciousness the understand the divine justice delivered by the Creator. Please do not misunderstand me as saying that what has happened is welcome by me/us.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
Dated: April 7, 2020.