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What is Prashna Kundali?

It is a dynamic and instantaneous Kundali cast just at the moment of asking a question. The position of each planet is 100% accurate. The Prashna Lagna is arrived by shuffling Cowries on a Copper grid or plate. Prashna Lagna is also called the Aaruda Lagna. It is highly Divine connecting the question, the person asking the question and the Astrologer. This has the Divine Trinity of values for the subject question.

Can the same question be answered through the Birth Chart or Janma Kundali?

An attempt can be made but the answer will be vague with full of doubts. The main drawback in Birth Chart is the recorded time of birth. For example, a minute variation in recorded birth time will shift the Lagna by 0.251 degrees  and thus, the Birth Nakshathra itself can change if it is at the edge of Nakshathra Paada and sometimes it may be one sign behind or one sign back also.

Further, If a baby is born in any star of Venus (Bharani, Pubba and Poorvashada) let us assume, then the Dasa period is 20 years and if the birth time varies by one minute then the whole Dasa, Bhukti and Antara drastically changes and all other Dasa, Bhukti and Antara will never be accurate. One minute error in recording the Birth Time will lead to an error of 4.5 months in Dasa, Bhukti and Antara if a baby is born in the Nakshathra of Venus.

Yet another most important point is that the Standard Time Zone of the place of birth is always manipulated across the globe for practical and administrative reasons. For example, Indian Standard Time (IST) is supposed to be 5 hours and 30 minutes behind GMT i.e., Greenwich Meantime whereas it is only an approximation while practically it is 5 hours and 10 minutes! Even more, take the example of time at Bengaluru Vs Kolkata. It differs by approximately 10 minutes and never the same as we are aware by virtue of IST. Since Astrology does not form a part of Administration of the State, it does not matter for the State. However, for Astrology, we need the accurate birth time to decipher Birth Charts.

Spiritual Perspectives about Birth Time

Birth Time of any species on earth is the Creator’s Secret. So is the last breath of any species including human beings. You will surely be surprised to read this, but this is the TRUTH. Likewise, the Creator will never give out the mysteries of Creation. The best example is about the Human Brain, Mind and Sensory Perceptions even despite making so much Research by the Scientific community, there are so many gray areas reeling under assumptions and presumptions.

With the facts above, to be direct on the subject of “Taking a major decision on Business”, it is imperative that I have to carefully analyze the question with reference the Prashna Lagna or the Prashna Ascendant or the Aaruda Lagna, the influence of all the planets on the 7th house or the 6th Bhava and the position of Maandi at the “Time”, the actual time of posing the question. Here there is dire need to analyze the 8th Bhava since money inflow will become the crux of the Business. This has to be absolutely holistic while it demands the critical influence of all the Planets on the 2nd  house of money, the 9th house of future and the 11th house of gain and the 12th house foraying into new environment. If Maandi is located in any one of the houses mentioned herein, then the challenge is to interpret what it means to the subject question. The method of analysis described above is impossible in a Birth Chart since there is no reference to the Lagna or the Ascendant since it is common to all activities in life. If it is a partnership business, then it becomes even more sensitive and I need to take a Prashna in the name of each one of the partners to estimate compatibility with one another and also the longevity of Business Partnership. Since Partnership business is subject to an understanding between the Partners in Business, it is also essential to carefully analyze the 3rd Bhava also. Do you think that in a Birth Chart all these points can be looked into?


Therefore, Prashna Kundali Astrology is the best and what can never be attempted with Birth Chart, it is only the Prashna Kundali which will give answers to our questions. Thus, the Supremacy of Prashna Kundali Astrology is amazing and more so if anyone has to choose from options of relocating places. To decide which is ‘the Best’ option, it is just that ONLY Prashna Kundali Astrology has to rescue from the confusion and anxiety.

the Ascendant or Lagna as already described in the above paragraphs, is an Imaginary Point ever rising in the East. Therefore, the Lagna becomes very critical for alienation of Birth Charts. Looking through a Spiritual and Philosophical lens, the actual birth of a baby is when the mother of a baby conceives and that time can never be investigated. Setting that aside, new born baby breathing the first puff of Oxygen in this world is again highly debated. In the result, anyone’s  Birth Chart can never be accurate. The Creator will never allow anyone on Earth to break into HIS mystery first by not revealing the actual ‘Birth Moment’ on one hand and on the other, is the case of the ‘Last Breath’!  Also, the answers to critical question can be obtained only through Prashna Chart or Prashna Kundali wherein the exact time of asking a question to the Astrologer, thus, becomes the accurate chart for the subject involved and the position of all the Planets are absolutely accurate. Therefore, the Supremacy of the Prashna Kundali is more than established.

 Note: If you are interested in understanding detailed and mathematical calculations in support of what is mentioned here regarding the Birth Time, please read the Article in our Blog Section with the caption, “Birth Time Dilemma’ or click here xxxxx hyperlink to Indian Astrology.Pdf.


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