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The moment the thought of Astrology crops up in your mind and more so if you want to be an Astrologer, please take a pledge yourself before proceeding further:

  • I will help the society by addressing their queries and anxieties in the most honest on a platform enrich with moral values in the name of God.
  • I will not add to the tensions, anxieties and fear for which they have approached me under the guise of certain thumb rules of Astrology.
  • I will not loot money of the society by suggesting superstition-based points and scare them and suggest remedies and extort money.
  • I will not profess that the predictions will be accurate since Astrology is a subject matter of estimating probabilities and possibilities only. However, predictions could be most often accurate by Divine Grace only.
  • I am aware that the Zodiac is reverberating a strong Spiritual Message aiming at emancipation and not hang on to this world as per Saints and Mystics of all ages.
  • I will not utter any word which will directly or indirectly induce fear or create a fear-psychosis in them.
  • I will advise them to lead an Honest Living and promote FREE a book on “Honest Living” as per the link below:


Human life and the Zodiac

Human life is a rare gift for human beings gifted by the Creator only for the purpose of emancipation by purifying mind.

  1. The Zodiac intrinsically encourages emancipation against what people want.
  2. Draw a line between what is possible against our own desires and ambitions vis-à-vis what the

The Doctrine of Karma – as you sow and so you reap” is the Universal Law and no one can tamper, meddle or alter even a bit.

Purpose of Astrology

  • The sole purpose of Astrology is to settle the mind on issues which are causing anxiety and tension but not to give false or exaggerated hopes to please anyone. This is by estimating the possibilities and probabilities of any event causing anxiety.

Benefits of Astrology

  • It helps to free-up mind-space which is practically blocking the ability to think and move on boldly and enthusiastically against worrying and getting drowned in a specific situation.
  • Destiny can never be altered or changed but Astrology will imbibe courage and confidence to face destiny effectively instead grieving over uncomfortable situations or events.
  • Mind depicted by Planet Moon, the fastest moving Planet (for Earth) will be under the sway of other planets depending on birth chart. And, that makes the mind unstable hoping from one subject/event to another continuously acquiring information by way of thoughts. This leads to terrible state of confusion and this situation does not allow one to function. Instead, it will block many useful actions that a person would have intended and thus adding to confusion and loss of valuable time.
  • This is exactly where Astrology plays vital role in trying to assess the present situation and estimate the future of probabilities and possibilities. This is prediction and this will help people to settle their turbulent mind and focus on the present and act.
  • However, people consulting Astrologers should not be pushed into a situation of “Day-dreaming” but encourage, inspire and motivate them to plan and act.


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    The procedure of Astrological prediction is very unique. I felt a state of mental relief for eradication of anxieties. Thank you very much.

    Dhrubajyoti Chakraborty Homemaker

    It was genuinely relieving talking to him. He gave me clarity that was missing in my life for past 5 years. His predictions are impeccable and neither does he beat around the bush, very precise and to the point No more anxiety for me. Highly recommended. Thank you

    Surabhi WordPress Dev.

    Found him to be very easy to speak too, he is very polite and well versed. He answered to all my queries with accuracy and was very patient and clear all through the conversation. He boosted my confidence levels very much. I am really grateful to him for his guidance.

    Soniya Khatri IT Services