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Although Astrologers can predict from the birth chart, it is just impossible to address or point out a specific critical question or a burning issue very quickly and explain the outcome. One has to study the entire birth chart deeply and then comment. Despite that, still the pointed question may not be addressed except in terms of a time frame of varying from 3 months to 6 months or even more.

It is a chart cast at the time of asking a question. All the planets position at that instant will be very accurate and the Lagna or the Ascendant is arrived by shuffling the Cowries on a copper grid and that becomes the Lagna unlike going by Lagna given in Panchang or software. Shuffling the Cowries is done with deep prayer by me with very high degree of concentration on the given name and that is the nucleus of the process. The Prashna Kundli thus cast will be the outer most layer of the birth chart pointing directly to the critical question of the client. Most often, I have myself pointed the possible question of the client and it invariably proves correct!

No, I do not need your birth data. Birth data or birth chart analysis is always a time-consuming process and moreover, it is extremely tough or impossible to know what your current concerns are. Secondly, the birth time, generally may not be very accurate. Just to give an example, let us say that you have lost or misplaced some article in a market place. We know that it is a tough job to search for it in the whole market. Let us say if the same article is misplaced in the house itself, one will surely systematically search within the house and you stand very good chance of recovering it, very quickly.

Our mind is a huge market place where so many activities goes on every moment, while a person is under terrific anxiety and tension on some subject. For him to get relief, it is not easy. Thus, the quick search for a relief is very high in Prashna Kundli rather than the birth chart. It is a pointed and focused search but still within the ambit of birth chart.

The 10th gem stone is called the Maandi or Gulika which is a harmonic of Saturn and it changes position at Sunrise and Sunset, every day. Maandi’s position in the Prashna Kundli is most critical which makes and unmakes things and determines several points in interpretation of the Kundli.

Once the question is automatically fixed by God’s grace when we pray with deep concentration, the interpretation follows obviously. The planets position will not change in and it will strictly follow the ephemeris or Panchang or Software. Therefore, the predictions in 99% of the cases will be accurate. The whole method is absolutely divine.

No. Even long-term predictions are possible. Human beings’ life is quite complex as we all know. We get stuck in interim tensions, anxieties and confusion. If these things are set aside with the help of Prashna Kundli the blockage of the mind gets automatically removed. We will have more mind-space and ability to think logically and practically which will make way for a good future. Worry has never helped anyone.


The response time could be maximum about 2 to 4 hours depending upon the time of the day you attempt to contact. You can always message or mail and expect a response very quickly.

There is a huge difference in many ways. First of all, the very interpretation of the nature and characteristics of the planets understanding with respect to the Zodiac signs differ vastly. The main reason is the basic knowledge and understanding of the celestial objects demands a Spiritual perspective rather than the information available in Astrology books although I am not blaming anyone or even the books, while it is the God given exposure which is of utmost importance.

When I say – the nature and characteristics of planets, for example Sun and Saturn relationship and thus effects, this point can be better understood from Spiritual perspectives better than that of Astrological perspectives. Sun practically represents the Soul and Saturn the ‘doers’ that is referring to human beings carrying on their life duties in the creation. Bookish Astrology simply declares as stubborn enemies of each other almost drawing a contrast with 2 warring nations. Thus, this interpretation cannot subscribe to Astrology while it tends to drive away into wrong directions most often misleading as well.

Yes, there are lot of points encompassing the life of human beings and the creation. Topping the list is that the human body is made of 5 elements that is – Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether. They are also termed as ‘Pancha Tatwas’ as we all know. You see each one of the tatwas contradict or oppose each other. Like Fire and Water, are they not diametrically opposing each other? Likewise, other elements too. Despite their mutually opposing characteristics, it is quite obvious that the human body itself is an outcome of Creator’s mysterious execution. Then, whether at all human life can ever be smooth. In Astrology, planets represent the basic elements and therefore, to assess a chart be it birth chart or Prashna Kundli is always a big challenge. Thus, a deep dive and understanding the creation becomes essential.

Nostradamus did really well by first considering the Zodiac signs. Like Aries, the 1st sign of the Zodiac and so on and then went onto interpret which planet is posited in that sign and which sign of the Zodiac that planet owns and then concluded on the possible outcome or effects. It was thus logical.

Yes, that is right.

Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac and its lord Mars, obviously an aggressive and trigger-happy planet is worth giving extraordinary importance. So much so, in this Universe, nothing happens without the contribution or influence of Mars. Further, going to the level of Stars or asterism, look at the beauty of them from a Spiritual perspective. We are born, strangely to our mother, not knowing anything about the past nor we know the future. Therefore, shrouded in a mystery, no matter what our birth star is. The first star of the constellation of 27 stars is Ashwini, the lord of which is Ketu. The South node or the shadowy planet is Ketu, depicts the past! Thus, the life journey begins in continuation of the past birth.

The second star viz., Bharani indicates aggressively trying to find pleasures, luxuries, entertainment etc., of all kinds. Venus owns the 2nd and 7th signa of the Zodiac. 2nd Bhava and 7th bhava in any chart obviously depicts, wife, family, sexual relationship and so on.

The third star of the Zodiac is Krithika and Sun is the star lord owning the 5th sign which is a fixed and fiery sign depicting the soul. Thus, the soul is engulfed by sensual pleasures and has become helpless.

The fourth star is Rohini and its lord is Moon. This depicts MIND. Mind keeps on looking out of all sorts of sensual pleasures and mind dominates the life. Moon owns only one, house that is the 4th sign of the Zodiac, that is Cancer and Sun also owns one house that is Leo. Sun or the soul becomes helpless since Moon has already grabbed the entire life of human beings and has started dominating.

The fifth star of the Zodiac is Mrigasira and Mars owns it and is the Lord of 1st and the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Mars and its stars are surely aggressive and will do anything and everything to acquire what the Mind wants. Mars owning 1 and 8 sign lordship, it starts the activity and also terminates it.

Now the 6th star of the Zodiac vis., Ardira owned by Rahu, the North Node and as I said earlier the shadowy planet depicts future. Mind under the sway of Mars creates the future. This is how human beings start their life with a shadow of the past and the future is interfaced by our actions. Rahu gives the courage to do anything under the Sun to achieve our goal, right or wrong. What a beautiful way of the creation of the Zodiac!

The 7th star of the Zodiac viz., Punarvasu the Lord of which is Jupiter, the planet of divinity weighs the actions done by a human being and gives repeated chance to improve and tries to imbibe justice and it is up to us to improve or face the consequences. Jupiter owns the 9th (future) and the 12th sign (terminating or liquidating sign).

Now the 8th star of the Zodiac is Pushya and its Lord is Saturn owning the 10th and 11th sign of the Zodiac. 10th bhava depicts profession and 11th depicts gain. Saturn is a hard task master and he has to follow what Jupiter instructs or decides, judiciously.