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Sade Sati – the whole argument on this subject, in a way, looks like Astrological Terrorism without any rationale or logic. This is something which scares millions of people unnecessarily and affects the psyche of people and terribly demotivates them. What people have understood is when Saturn transits one sign before the Moon and over the Moon sign, and one sign next to the Moon sign, that native is purported to be under the influence of inimical effects. Saturn transits in one sign for approximately 2.5 years. Therefore, 2.5 years X 3 signs = 7.5 years. Now, please see the truth of it without any knowledge of Astrology! There are 12 Zodiac signs and Saturn will remain for 2.5 years in one sign – which means, one round of Saturn across the Zodiac takes 30 years

If a man survives, let us say for 65 years, depending upon where Saturn is positioned at the time of birth, normally there will be a minimum of 3 rounds of Saturn. This means that the that person would have 3 Sade Satis in his life which is equal to 22.5 years. Has the life gone for a toss for 22.5 years? Please stretch your imagination!

I would like to draw your attention about Saturn transiting in the 5th house is termed ‘Panchama Shani’ and in the 8th house is termed ‘Ashtama Shani’ and both are termed as detrimental to the native. Therefore, add another 5 years and in rounds of Saturn, it would amount to 15 years. Don’t you think that it is another psychological explosion for anyone!

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