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Welcome on board this site and I am confident that you will always get to the bottom of the Truth in absolute terms. You are bound to experience a paradigm shift from the most conventional approach to practical Applied Astrology. In your sojourn here, you are sure to acquire multiple values for your valuable time not knowing who you are, what you are and what for you are here! This is 100% assured. Please move on for wonderful experiences, eventually with an excellent feast for your mind, which are neither hype nor degradation – but highly balanced approach to life concerns.

I am K Jagadish, an Astrologer, Life coach, Author, Spiritual Thinker and an Entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in Astrology and approach with a research and scientific bent of mind with a holistic life challenging experience thus far.

Astrology With a Difference

My method of tackling life questions is through ‘Prashna Kundali’, ‘Prashna Jothishaya' or ' Horary Astrology' which is

God’s own Chart for You!

In this I capture the current most critical or burning issue right away and address it apart from long term points also. Most often, I will point out your question, no matter where you are just by your name! I can give you a compass for your mind to navigate your life and sometime even a GPS! Please have a divine attitude to get the best. A timely simple suggestion can work miracles for you!

  • Natal Chart is a static reference or a milestone
  • All planets are continuously moving
  • Do you know where your natal planets are now?
    • Is it not the tracking planets in the birth chart or natal chart that matters to you?
    • A unique method of arriving at your Progressed Chart, which is the need of the hour.

‘Prashna Kundali’ is unique for me by the Grace of God!

My Methodoloy is as follows

The gemstones on the Zodiac inscribed on a copper grid plate represent the planets as at the time of casting a Prashna Kundali by sincere and a very high degree of concentration by shuffling the cowries in the name of the person to whom the question pertains. The Ascendant or the Lagna arrived at by devotion is the gateway to the future of the person’s life, provided, the Astrologer strictly adheres to the Spiritual Code of conduct to the core and should have achieved very high degree of concentration. However, the intellectual understanding and approach to the subject will prove to be futile, if interpreted from book knowledge and the characteristics of planets. All said and done, the approach is highly divine. The question of the client directly gets reflected in the Prashna Kundali, so much so, the client’s question is told by me invariably. Normally the truth is that if the Prashna Kundali reflects the question of the person, it is imperative that the answer is also hidden in the Kundali and the interpretation requires extraordinary concentration from a divine perspective.

In the method described above, out of my experience over the last 30 years, it is observed by me that the Prashna Kundali is a Kundali which overrides or super imposes on the birth chart, which my clients have indeed confirmed explicitly! Thus, I just need the name of the person for whom the questions pertain or alternatively the client can give any numeral between 1 and 12 (which means even 1 or 12 is also OK).

My knowledge of traditional chart is also very good and I have shared my research bent of mind on various International Astrology Forums. The speciality is timing of events through Navamsa (D9) charts and it has made a good impact on many Astrologers. On this subject, I have made a presentation at the prestigious Hindu University of America, Florida on “A Life of Zero Gravity” and “Transits of planets in Navamsa”. Please click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZaNd7jUDXg

Safeguard yourself from Astrological Terrorism!!

Sade Sati

Fundamental truth about the ‘proverbial Sade Sati’


The myth of Guru Bala

Moon Sign

Mass hypnotism of predictions based on Moon Sign

Ascendant or Lagna

The most critical point in Astrology is given a good bye, unfortunately.

Considering the above facts apart from a gamut of other issues,

What is a Prashna Kundali?


It is an ‘Astrological Kaleidoscope’.

What more you want?