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tackling life questions is through ‘Prashna Kundali(प्रश्‍न कुण्‍डली)’, ‘Prashna Jothishaya’ or ‘ Horary Astrology’ which is

God’s own Chart for You!

In this, I capture the current most critical or burning issue right away and address it apart from long term points also. Most often, I will point out your question, no matter where you are, just by your name! I can give you a compass for your mind to navigate your life and sometimes even a GPS! Please have a divine attitude to get the best. A timely simple suggestion can work miracles for you!

“Astrology is the language of energy. It is the poetry of all life”

Stimulation with the vast perspective of the universe, providing emotional and spiritual restoration


Astrology answers your deepest questions about yourself. It’s a guide to what’s happening in your life.

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My knowledge of birth chart is also very good and I have shared my research bent of mind on various International Astrology Forums. The speciality is timing of events through Navamsa (D9) charts and it has made a good impact on many Astrologers. On this subject, I have made a presentation at the prestigious Hindu University of America, Florida on “A Life of Zero Gravity” and “Transits of planets in Navamsa”

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Sade Sati
साढ़े साती

Fundamental truth about the ‘proverbial Sade Sati

गुरु बला

The myth of Guru Bala

Moon Sign
चंद्र राशि

Mass hypnotism of predictions based on Moon Sign


The most critical point in Astrology is given a good bye, unfortunately

Enlighten today
Considering the above facts apart from a gamut of other issues

What is a Prashna Kundali?
  • it is vibrant
  • it is instantaneous
  • it is a holistic chart for the person
  • it is also a perfect recipe for your mind
  • it also indicates the possible alternative
  • it is indicative of the present situation in real time
  • it is dynamic with every planet in real time position
  • it is suggestive of the trajectory of the course of action
  • It is nothing short of the top most layer of the birth chart almost indicating the progress of planets in the birth chart
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HR Consultant, Business Consultant and Woman Entrepreneur

I am myself a Qualified Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Face reader which I am practicing as a hobby and most often helping many friends and business people known to me in other contexts. I am so lucky to come across a Secret Celebrity Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish, the Prashna Kundli expert in Bangalore, through his website

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New Delhi
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. K Jagadish is an extraordinary Prashna Kundli Astrologer and his predictions are surely beyond what the world can offer


The famous Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish is a very big Human Resources Asset for a business organization. Although, I call it as ‘Human Resources’ it is only for the sake of familiarity of the word, whereas, practically the Astrological knowledge resources

Mumbai, India
Senior VP

The method of Prashna Kundli adopted by Mr. K Jagadish is simply superb! I am in periodical touch with Mr. K Jagadish since the last over 4 years now.

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 Understand the coming times in life better.

Get accurate and latest online Vedic and Astrology prediction information and astrology articles free from expert astrologer K Jagadish. This is the Official Blog where you can keep up to date with the latest astrology news and articles.

07 Jul: Job Loss Video Hindi Transcription

Job Loss Transcription – Hindi [0: 00: 04-0: 00: 54] नमस्कार दोस्तों कृपया मुस्कुराएं इस वीडियो प्रोग्राम या टूथपेस्ट टूथब्रश…

‘Prashna Kundali(प्रश्‍न कुण्‍डली)’ is unique for me by the Grace of God! My Methodology is as follows

The gemstones on the Zodiac inscribed on a copper grid plate represent the planets as at the time of casting a Prashna Kundali by sincere and a very high degree of concentration by shuffling the cowries in the name of the person to whom the question pertains.