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Insta fortune Prashna Kundali Astrology


In Indian Vedic astrology, Prashna Kundali (horary astrology) is a method used for answering specific question through astrology. Horary astrology is different from natal chart astrology as it helps to predict the outcome of a particular situation based on the time Aarooda Lagna when the question is asked. I am astrologer K Jagadish with over 50 years of experience looking forward to help you with our new scheme INSTA-FORTUNE@500 which is “PRASHNA KUNDALI ASTROLOGY”

Below are the details:

  • Only for Indian residents.
  • Service available only between 10.30 AM and 5.30 PM on all days.
  • Amazing “One Pointed Question ONLY” Service
  • Through “The Pinnacle of Astrology” Vedic Prashna Kundali.
  • The Aarooda Lagna has a lot to reveal and guide you!

NOTE: Call will automatically get disconnected after 10 mins and extension is not possible

  1. No Birth details required
  2. Think and make up your mind to point out the heading of One “POINTED” Question before calling up. No background or foreground of the subject of your question required. No briefing of any kind.
  3. Do not try to cover multiple points in one question on your most critical subject bothering or you are very anxious and tensed up.
  4. Your question should be genuine and it should be active in mind.
  5. If the Astrologer Mr. K Jagadish’s Mobile is busy, he will call you back as soon as practical. Your money is safe but please have patience.
  6. Follow up Free call will not be entertained on any question.
  7. This is a genuine service offered to general pubic in good faith and please do not spam the number.
  8. Vedic Prashna Kundali can be used for morally right and genuine question in the most Divine Manner, otherwise, it may hurt you. Please be careful about your question.


  1. Astrologer K Jagadish can send the Video of Prashna Kundali if required. (a small clip of just 5 seconds).
  2. Also, can send the audio file of the instructions as well.


Pay Rs.500 using only the Pay U Money Payment and Call only on WhatsApp


Prashna Kundali is a chart that is prepared based on the Aarooda Lagna the question is asked by the client. The astrologer will then interpret the chart to provide insight into the situation and provide guidance to the client.

The Prashna Kundali is calculated based on the time, place, and date of the question. The chart will show the positions of planets at the exact moment the question was asked. In Horary astrology, the astrologer can also use Nakshatras, the lunar mansions that the moon passes through each night, to interpret the chart.

One of the primary uses of Prashna Kundali is to answer yes or no questions, but it can also provide detailed insights into specific areas of life based on the question being asked. The astrologer will analyze the positions of planets in the chart, as well as their aspects and conjunctions, to understand what the chart is trying to tell them.

A skilled astrologer can interpret the chart accurately and provide insightful advice that can guide the client in making better decisions related to their situation.