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Solar Return or Varshapal of Indian Independence Chart (Demo)

Since the freedom of expression has been censored or is being legislated, there is no point in creating problems. Solar Return chart which means a birth day chart is the chart when the transit Sun is at the same longitude as at the time of birth. This chart is supposed to indicate the ensuing events till the next birth day.

In the Solar Return chart of India, it is seen that the Ascendant or Lagna is tightly conjunct with the natal Moon and Moon in the 12th sign of the Zodiac along with Ketu is not a positive augury in Astrology. Moon typically represents people and, Ketu, a planet of shielding which acts like a steroid and possessing masking effect simply means – ‘more to hide than reveal’. In Navamsa, Sun depicting the Government is hemmed in between Mars and Ketu is not again good. I have reproduced below the image of the Solar Return chart to benefit those who are familiar with Astrology. In Navamsa it is noticed that Venus is in its debilitated sign along with Rahu. As you read further, it is observed that in the chart for 2013, Venus the lagna lord of India was in the debilitated sign in the Rasi chart and here it is in Navamsa along with Rahu.


For your information, I have also reproduced the image of the previous viz., 15th August, 2013 Solar Return chart and from that it is noticed that Venus the lagna lord of India is in its debilitated sign of Virgo. Further, the lagna in Pisces is perfectly trine to Sun and Mercury and aspected by Saturn. Saturn conjunct Rahu indicates – ‘democracy of Rahu and not of Saturn’. Moon in its debilitated sign of Scorpio and in the Badhaka house we find Sun and Mercury. It is very evident that the chart clearly reflects the current situation.


I am sorry to make incomplete statements due to obvious reasons and let us watch out the ensuing events while all of us pray for peace and prosperity for India.

Happy Independence Day!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.
August 14, 2014.