10 Apr: The Climax of Corona Virus! Part 2 of 2

Regarding Corona Virus, I have covered the following points in my articles already posted:
1.    Chronology of eruption of Corona through my Astrological analysis and dates given by me syncs with the dates known to the entire globe from the media vide the link – https://www.enlighten-mind.com/blog/my-take-on-corona-virus-and-its-impact-in-india/
2.    I have explained through Astrology, with dates, the nature of the Virus and how it gets spread vide the link – https://www.enlighten-mind.com/blog/renew-fighting-the-global-terrorist-corona-virus/
3.    I have also dealt with the situation that we are in as on March 29, 2020 and given predictions with dates about the future impact of the pandemic and how it will recede vide the link – https://www.enlighten-mind.com/blog/good-bye-corona-virus-part-1-of-2/