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I would like to recapitulate time and again about Saturn moving to Scorpio and receiving exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect which I have observed that it has not happened in the last two centuries at least. I surely consider this as a spectacular Astrological event leading to control of Adharma (injustice) and sowing the seeds of Dharma again.

With specific reference to Indian Independence Chart (IIC), Saturn moves over natal Ketu and in Navamsa Ketu is in the sign of Leo. I do hope that the baleful political tribe in India will be compelled to learn lessons and pay a heavy price for their unthinkable misdeeds of all sorts ever since the independence. I appreciate the political slogan “Achhe Din” (good days) which was so well thought off during the election campaign which now God is sure to make it happen! Let us join the author of the slogan and pray for success of the slogan!

While “Achhe Din” has indeed already begun, I propose to bring the following transit of planets and draw an Astrological estimate of possible outcome;

  • Mars moves to 4th amsa of Sagittarius on November 1, 2014. 4th amsa is Cancer the 4th sign of the Zodiac. Mars has inherent affinity towards 4. Before November 1, I expect a lot of bickering amongst members of the ruling party and their associates. Already Shiva Sena is at logger heads with the ruling BJP.
  • Once Saturn moves to Scorpio, the firs amsa is that of Cancer and, Mars conjoins Saturn in Cancer. Cancer being the 3rd house in IIC. It is likely that there will be further boost to frustration amongst coalition partners. Saturn has its intrinsic divisive tactics in conjunction with Mars.
  • Saturn till it moves to Scorpio on November 2 is casting its 10th aspect on Cancer where in IIC there are 5 planets viz., Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Saturn. 10th aspect of Saturn on these planets despite transit Jupiter rolling over these planets was of very little help since Saturn has its intrinsic dilatory characteristics as well. However, once Mars entered Sagittarius on September 18, it set the ball rolling with 8th aspect (on all the 5 planets and transit Jupiter) which greatly has terminating perspectives. Therefore, this point set the base for judiciary to act.
  • Five planets in IIC in Cancer owned by Moon and Moon itself being posited there clearly reveals that the qualities and effect of the rest of the planets is only at a thought and talk level which we have witnessed since the independence.
  • Mars moves to Capricorn, its exalted sign on November 27 and it establishes 6/8 ‘Srastastka’ relationship with natal Mars in IIC. This is the probable time intense political activity and hopefully many articles in this blog should logically get the best of attention of the readers.
  • When Mars moves to Capricorn as mentioned above, it receives the 3rd aspect of Saturn from Scorpio while Saturn itself will be in the sway of exalted Jupiter’s 5th aspect while Mars itself gets the direct 7th aspect of exalted Jupiter. The law enforcing executive wing of the Government is very likely to be hauled by the judiciary so much so some very highly placed officials may eventually go behind bars. Mars is bound to trigger all the 5 planets in Cancer in IIC.

Jupiter turns retrograde on December 9, 2014:

  • This is yet another very important milestone in the political scenario in India. Very interestingly, Jupiter is getting retrograde while it is in its own house Pisces, the 9th amsa of Cancer where Jupiter is now transiting.
  • Jupiter enters the 9th amsa on November 3 and this itself is highly significant for so many cases involving the crooks. Obviously, between November 3 and December 9, many landmark judgments may come out from the judiciary across India.
  • However, once Jupiter turns retrograde on December 9, many litigants might appeal for review of orders of court.
  • Jupiter turns direct on 8th April, 2015 while it will be in 6th amsa of Cancer corresponding to its own sign Sagittarius and finally it moves to 9th amsa again on 26th June, 2015. This is the time for further judgments which should put Indian democracy quite a bit on track. On July 14, 2015 Jupiter moves into Leo and by then I do hope many anomalies in governance might see an ocean change for the better. It is best not to hazard a guess right now and invite problems.
  • It will be exciting to note that on March 14, 2015 Saturn in Scorpio gets retrograde and a mix and match of various transits will be a highly interesting game.

There are, of course, so many points of Astrological interest which will have to be integrated to estimate the future. However, specifically the transit of Rahu in the asterism of Moon and Sun in Virgo needs special consideration. On the whole, the Jupiter aspecting Saturn should be a game changer. Jupiter is bound to speak out loud and clear.

K Jagadish,                                                                     
Bangalore, India.
October 30, 2014.