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My Take on Corona Virus and its impact in India


I thought, though belated that I should share my take on the subject from Astrological perspectives. However, the world has already witnessed a great ordeal on account of the pandemic terrifying the humanity, practically driving to a dead end. The question is just subjective, limited to prevention of spread rather than actionable remedy. The laws of nature which are beyond human comprehension, overtakes human intelligence, science and technology. The pinnacle of intelligence will never be able to know about God and Soul but is encompassed by Mind and Body totally giving into sensual pleasures of all sorts. Thus, humans have resorted to satisfying the Mind and Body by eating flesh and drinking from assorted resources.

When did Corona begin and what was the then Astrological ambiance?

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets and always moving in a direction opposite to that of other planets, that is Rahu and Ketu are ever retrograde. May I remind my esteemed readers, that in line with my take in the overview above, that humans revolve themselves in a Giant Wheel of transmigration of 8.4 million species, from ant to elephant including human beings. Jumping straight to Astrology, the first sign of the Zodiac viz., Aries has its asterism starting with the star of Ashwini the Lord of which is Ketu, the South Node or Tail which is ever moving Anti-clockwise while baby birth is ‘Head up’! But after birth, our destiny is ruled by the conventional Zodiac – Aries to Pisces. We do not realize that being born as a human is the greatest gift of God while we are one amongst an estimated world population of 7.58 billion! I would like to draw your kind attention to my video presentation at (6 mins, 54 seconds)

First of all, Rahu posited in Gemini, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac owned by Mercury depicts Lungs and Respiratory system having duality of every problem. Adding fuel to fire, Rahu in its own asterism of Aridra had more than proved what it stands for.

Please look at the chart below which pinpoints to the entry of Jupiter into Sagittarius on Nov 6, 2019. Sagittarius is the own sign of Jupiter, a dual sign and just opposite to that is Rahu transiting in its own asterism Aridra. Mythologically it is called ‘Rudra’ or ‘Raudra Avthar’ when traditionally depicting Lord Shiva in a furious mood! Jupiter is a planet of expansion and in a way life sustaining planet. Jupiter was conjoined by Ketu obviously and Saturn which depicts longevity. Unfortunately, please look at the Sun in its debilitated sign of Libra and transiting in the Nakshathra of Rahu and behind it is Mars in its own start profoundly exciting Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu known for allergies, disease and infection. The Navamsa chart of the same time is nothing short of an Astrological signature to the future! I am avoiding commenting on Navamsa since normal readers will not be to grasp.

From what has been stated above, it is abundantly clear that the incubation of the Corona Virus thus began as soon as Jupiter entered Sagittarius on Nov 6, 2019 and went on progressing further by subsequent movement of planets in the Zodiac. What is worth noting is the ingress of Sun into Sagittarius on 16 Dec 2019 filled life into the infectious Corona Virus. The chronology of developments and incubation of fully blown up Corona Virus though a meta physical phenomenon got triggered by the ‘trigger happy’ Mars when it entered Sagittarius on 8 Feb, 2020.

Well, this is just a review of the chronology of Astrological events leading to the beginning of killer Corona Virus and in a concise way let me share my views on what next and when? Here we go:

Will the days ahead give the already miserable humanity a sigh of relief and when?

Yes, come on please cheer up and give up continuous negative thoughts, but please be patient. I suggest that we should all resolve to remain on vegetarian food for ever to be safe than sorry. Human body is designed by the Creator to be herbivores and Mind has to be still by giving up alcohol and cigarettes. These 2 points are most minimum favours that we need to do for our own good. Practice meditation for at least 30 minutes every day by concentrating the entire attention of the body at the Eye Center or the Shiva Netra which is the Gateway to the Spiritual World. As you resolve to do as said above watch out for the following dates to move on to better situation, quite fast.

  1. On 22 March, Mars has already moved to Capricorn thus limiting the spread of Corona by Jupiter. It is a welcome sign.
  2. Jupiter will leave the company of Ketu on 30 March and it is unlikely to cause further spread.
  3. Nevertheless, what has already happened till 30 March will have its own impact in terms of treatment of those infected and their rehabilitation and so on. It is indeed an uphill task for the Governments to care for the citizens.
  4. Highly uncomfortable Astrological ambiance is when Sun, the lord of the 5th sign of the Zodiac enters its exalted sign Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and gets the excitation of Mars (the 8th lord of the zodiac) along with Saturn and Jupiter, the suddenness of events from 13 April lasting a month should worry us a lot. Usually 5th and 8th combination in Astrology is a cause of concern. I guess during this period, those already infected by Corona Virus have to be a lot more alert on their health.
  5. Specifically, in India, since there are 5 planets in Cancer, viz., Moon, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus – will all receive the direct aspect of Mars with Saturn (quite uncomfortable), there is a strong possibility of all the portfolios of these planets may face very bad situation. However, Jupiter too aspecting those 5 planets will surely bring in rationale in activities and thus limit the probable scope of damages.
  6. Around 15 May, both Saturn and Jupiter get retrograded which will enthuse the Government to re-strategize and review policies to handle emergencies.
  7. You attentions is drawn to 30 June when Jupiter re-enters Sagittarius in retro mode, extraordinary situation may arise again but for a short period. It is not only regarding Corona Virus but in other matters of governance.
  8. Lastly as a citizen of this great nation India, like anybody else, please follow all the precautionary measures as and when the Government announces and follow them with military discipline failing which we will have no one to own the blame.

    Thanks for your patience and I hope it helps all of you in a way and request you to await future posts.

K Jagadish,

Bangalore, India.

Dated: March 23, 2020.