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Do you know why the Sun and the Moon has only one Zodiac Sign?

Do you know why the Sun and Moon both only have one sign in the zodiac?

In contrast, each of the other planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus has two signs of the zodiac.

Do the Sun and the Moon, the very Luminaries, not deserve to be treated with such tremendous prejudice and maltreatment?

What is this peculiar Cosmic Phenomenon?

Can anyone explain?

Does anyone have the answers to this, or can you get them elsewhere?

Naturally, if you search for the Sun and Moon signs on Google, you will get a ton of information.

I am K Jagadish founder of Enlighten Astro here!
Enlighten Astro not only has answers, but it also explains the Universe and the Creator’s plan behind these strange stellar events.

Astrology is more than just making predictions. It also tells us a lot about the planets, their nature, their traits, and how they affect our lives.

What is the only reason why the Sun and the Moon each have a unique zodiac sign?
Is it a mistake of the Creator or are we learning anything else from the Zodiac and Planets apart from using Astrology only for prediction?

Will astrological readings be useful if you don’t understand the celestial phenomenon and the basic pattern of how the signs are arranged?

Don’t worry – God, who created the universe, didn’t make a mistake when he made the Zodiac Signs and gave them to the seven planets, separating the Sun and the Moon.

There is only one Moon, and it is part of Earth. Astronomically, the names for the things in space that orbit around the Sun are only “Planets.” On the other hand, the Moon goes around the Earth, so from an astronomical point of view, it is not a planet.

Astrology has to be pursued only by digesting the message of the TRUTH the Creator is bombarding the Universe with a strong Spiritual message and the Zodiac is reverberating the Universal message.

Disregarding this Universal message of the Creator, Astrology is sure to create confusion and mess up life by erroneous interpretation and predicting future.

Do you want to debate about the Moon sign and the Sun sign or take a deep dive into the mysteries of the Universe?

The choice is yours!

Keep reading to find out what the Zodiac’s spiritual message is. Now you will go directly to all the Vedas, all the different kinds of scriptures, all the saints and mystics who have lived since the very beginning of creation.

Because most people don’t know what the Spiritual message of the Creator is, astrological forecasts are often used to fuel people’s goals and wants instead of leading them to spirituality.

Still, we’re not rejecting the wants and plans; instead, they are being put in the right context so that we can do what God wants us to do.

It’s time to take a break from making the Universe’s science and technology better. It’s even more important to comprehend “why and how” astrological predictions work.

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Why Sun & Moon has only one Zodiac Sign?

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