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COVID-19, The Origin of Rahu and Ketu And Jupiter – Harnessing Spirituality

COVID-19, The Origin of Rahu and Ketu

And Jupiter –

Harnessing Spirituality



  • An insight into a commonly dreaded term ‘Kaalasarpa Dosha’ by Astrologers.

  • My own practical experience over a period of three decades – for example if we take a sample of ten birth charts of persons known to us or with whom we are mutually very familiar, for verification purpose, at least eight of the chart natives will have the dreaded ‘Kaalasarpa Dosha’, that is all the seven physical planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu. Whereas, in reality, all the eight people have a normal balanced life.

  • This article explains the myth of the mighty shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu which are not physical planets, yet have a tremendous impact on human life.

  • This is the reason why most often, we are confronted with lot of ‘unknown’ factors than the ‘known’. We simply term it as either ‘good luck’ or ‘bad luck’.

  • What is not physical but still impacting us is nothing but mysterious or metaphysical phenomenon which is beyond human comprehension.

  • The above facts are being duly substantiated here through Astronomy and Celestial dynamics, and the observation or inference is used in predictive Astrology, systematically rising above mythology and faith.

  • The facts and figures having its root in Science is presented with diagram.

  • This presentation also throws some light on how eclipses occur.

  • How Jupiter is called the greatest benefactor.


More details:

This presentation is indeed much more than the captioned heading, and the meaning thereof! It is a subject matter of Astronomy, Astrodynamics and movement of celestial objects on one hand, and on other hand, it is predictive Astrology and a mythological story as well. It is a matter of choice for the readers to put weight on the subject as they wish depending on their own background and the author would not take sides on the point of belief, faith, tradition and so on. There are compulsions and repulsions, side by side, with what appeals to each one of us, hemmed in between conflicts of opinion and faith. Under all conditions, my opinion weighs more with what is logical in terms of our life experience.

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543), born on February 19,1473 in Torun, Poland, the Astronomer and Father of the heliocentric (Sun-centered) theory of the Solar System, commonly known as the Copernican system is called the father of Modern Astronomy, who studied astrodynamics natural philosophy of celestial mechanics and solar Physics. Some of the crucial factors that he described is summarized below;

Earth moves around the Sun in elliptical path and Moon revolves around the earth. The elliptical path of Earth is also called as ecliptic. The plane of revolution of the Moon is tilted at about 5.14 degrees with respect to the ecliptic plane of the apparent movement of the Sun. These two planes, the ecliptic plane and plane of revolution of the moon around the earth, due to their tilt with respect to each other, overlap at two points.

The nodal point, where the path of the moon intersects the ecliptic is called as Rahu. Moon is revolving around the earth from South to the North. The nodal point, where the path of Moon, which is revolving from North to the South around the Sun, intersects with ecliptic is called as Ketu. These two points are 180 degrees apart. This is the reason why the nodes are always in opposite houses in any chart and always move in opposite direction and in Astrology, it is called ‘always retrograde’.

The other seven planets get retrograded, generally, when the distance between Sun and the planet in question is about 150 degrees when they transit in front of Sun and become direct when they are 150 degrees behind Sun. 

The only exceptions are Mercury and Venus. Mercury will be very close to Sun and the maximum distance will not exceed 27.5 degrees while the distance between Sun and Venus can be 48 degrees. Mercury, because of its proximity to Sun, is called the ‘Messenger of God’.

Please see the line diagram below for better understanding of Rahu and Ketu.

The Moon’s orbit is changing. In fact, the Moon’s orbit grows about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) larger every year. As the Moon’s orbit takes it farther and farther away from Earth, the Moon will appear smaller and smaller in our sky. This occasionally happens now. The Moon’s orbit isn’t perfectly round. That means that sometimes the Moon is slightly farther away from Earth than it is at other times. Sometimes the Moon is far enough away that it doesn’t create a total solar eclipse. In this case, the Moon obscures most of the Sun, but a thin ring of the Sun remains visible around the Moon.

However, once the Moon’s growing orbit takes it approximately 14,600 miles (23,500 km) farther away from Earth, it will always be too far away to completely cover the Sun. If the Moon’s orbit grows only 1.5 inches every year, it will take more than 600 million years for total solar eclipses to completely disappear!

Now that we are aware of the Astronomical facts about the origin of Rahu and Ketu and the Celestial phenomenon, is it not that it is time to grasp the effects of Rahu and Ketu? Therefore, we need to focus on the possible impact on our universe through Astrology. Astrology is a science of ‘possibilities and probabilities’ in two ways. One, by analyzing the past, on one hand, and attempt to forecast or predict the future, on the other hand. The past events do not need any proof because they have been already experienced and there is nothing to believe or assume and presume.

Human beings have no control on any natural phenomenon or nature, be it on earth or in the Galaxy, which includes all stars, all planets including earth. The study of Science and Technology is only exploratory in nature trying to find and why and how of many subjects including the Galaxy and therefore, we always have limitations than scope. But, nevertheless, it leads to innovation. The ambit of our approach is always limited even after all sorts of innovations. At this point, we will have no choice except to piggy back on Spirituality, Philosophy, God, Soul, Mind and so forth and to metaphysical science of Astrology.

Therefore, we are under compulsion to understand Rahu and Ketu, the shadowy planets’ impact on this universe more from Spiritual perspectives than Astronomy, but, through the Astronomical data as the base, the position of Rahu and Ketu is determined to use it in Astrology while the interpretation of it is through Spirituality the Science of the Soul!

The Spiritual perspectives:

I propose to give them in bullet points for better and quick clarity, since it is such a voluminous subject neither the available internet space nor this write up will suffice!

  • The North and South node viz., Rahu and Ketu is the point of intersection of the orbit of Sun and the orbit of Moon as seen from Earth.

  • In heliocentric (Sun-centered) scenario, the Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical (also called eplipitcal path). The Moon revolves around Earth from South to North.

  • Moon revolves around the Sun from North to South.

  • Since the orbit of Sun’s plane of orbit and Moon’s plane of orbit is tilted by about 5.14 degrees from each other, the two orbits intersect at two points.

  • The point of intersection of Moon’s orbit and Sun’s orbit at the North is Rahu and at the South side is Ketu.

  • The main point to be noted is as far as Earth is concerned, Moon is revolving round Earth from South to North while the same Moon is revolving from North to South around Sun.

  • Therefore, from the above point, Moon depicting MIND of human beings in Astrology, is typically what the Creator Sun or creative energy expects while intrinsically and thus, it is in direct opposition.

  • From a Spiritual perspective, it is the human mind that is the main obstacle in the path of the Soul or the Creative energy.

  • From the above mentioned critical points, it is very clear that Rahu which depicts the materialistic comforts of the world does not go well from Spiritual perspectives depicted or expected by Rahu.

  • Therefore, Rahu in the first place is an embodiment of Spirituality and opposing materialistic benefits, sensual pleasures and multitude of desires of the entire humanity. Thus, Rahu is the greatest benefic as far as Spiritual life is concerned and it is certainly deterrent for worldly, mortal and human ambitions are concerned.


After Rahu, it is imperative that we need to know a little about the well known benefic Jupiter and what makes its relationship with Rahu create a terror like COVID-19. I have already given clarity about the nature, characteristics, behavior and effects of Rahu. How it could cause such disaster of the magnitude of Corona Virus outbreak in a celestial relationship with Jupiter and be termed, traditionally as Kaala Sarpa Dosha or Yoga? On the face of it, it is indeed a great controversy about the benefic nature of Jupiter. Again, this presentation is highly concise, and it is just intended to be that, lest it will be unending write up. A few points about Jupiter which will help us to know about the outbreak of Corona Virus;-

  • Jupiter is the 5th planet from Sun.

  • It is the only planet which will not revolve around Sun. Credit:

  • Sun is the Lord of the 5th sign of the Zodiac i.e., Leo and Jupiter is traditionally called the greatest benefactor and is the Lord of 9th (future) and the 12th sign of the Zodiac (sign of dissolution or the end, not to be mistaken for dissolution of the world, whereas, it can dissolve or resolve or end human misery).

  • Jupiter is the largest and extremely heavy planet compared to other planets and thus reflects maximum light from Sun.

  • Jupiter is also called as one of the outer planets along with Saturn, Uranus and Neputne.

  • Jupiter has the special aspects of 5 and 9 apart from 7. It’s worth recalling that the 5th aspect of Jupiter also stands for progeny which can be called as continuity of the human race.

Jupiter, excelling merits above, how could it terrify humanity in association with Rahu? The only reason is again binding the Spiritual perspectives of Rahu described earlier in this article. Jupiter functions harmoniously with Rahu since the goal of both Rahu and Jupiter is the same to preach humanity about God realization and barter away the very purpose of gift of the human body by the Creator with silly and mortal pleasure of sorts. Let us recall that Rahu and Ketu have its birth from Moon by virtue of being its nodes.

In conclusion, the humanity is just seeking happiness, enjoyment and continuously running behind multitude of desires and sensual pleasures from birth to the end. This is completely defeating the very aim of the Creator for giving us the human body which is truly HIS gift. There is perennial abuse of the human body while we all believe in God and pray what – more and more pleasure. We want him HIS ‘presents’, but not look at him as a ‘giver’. The more we have, the more we ask for. I am sure that you will all agree with me that the human greed has no boundaries at all.

We all know that the human life itself is leased for a particular period, which we all know, but still no amount of possession satisfies us and the entire life has become totally synthetic, inorganic and our mind is being driven by a powerful engine of greed and we are all travelling to an unknown destination in a vehicle without brakes in our body.

This is the main reason for the outbreak of pandemics like COVID-19 and through that  Creator is preaching HIS lessons, but we are not learning, rather we are in the mode of un-learning what we had learned in the past.

K Jagadish, Bangalore, India.

Dated: April 11, 2020.