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Rahu in Pisces – Arvind Kejriwal Will Hit the Peak Political Astrology – K Jagadish

Did you know that Rahu in your chart is a High Spot of your life. Analysis of Rahu’s transit can be like a tunnel to the High Spot that you are looking for! Surprising?



Talk to Enlighten Astro! First and foremost, the point that I would like to share with you is the fact of Nodal Return viz., Rahu transiting over Rahu at birth. Therefore, it is imperative that we need to check where Rahu is posited in our birth chart and where is transit Rahu now. This can give life changing indications in a big way!

Well, from another perspective, the planets rising at 5*, 17* and 29* are called as Anaretic degrees and yet another word Avtar is also used in Astrology. When Rahu’s transit on 29th November applied to Sri. Arvind Kejriwal’s chart, reveals excellent results for him. It certainly indicates that it shall be the Pinnacle of his Political Career and the result of his last 18 years of struggle should yield results.


This Video is published only from Astrological perspectives and we are not interested in political developments of any politician or political party whatsoever. Our interest is only in transit of Planets from time to time as an Astrologer.


Ever hungry after fine-tuning and enhancement of knowledge, with a Research bent of mind, it is extremely interesting to find many critical phases of life from the position of Rahu at birth or in a National chart or even generally also. Therefore, it prompted me to go to history of transit of Rahu in the context of Israel-Hamas conflict. My prediction about Israel-Hamas conflict is now proved accurate. With this success, I got curious to pick up Shri. Arvind Kejriwal’s chart from Google. This exercise has revealed a number of exciting points in the context of ensuing general elections in India.


Here is my take on current chief minister of Delhi Shri. Arvind Kejriwal’s future:


1. Starting November 30 when Rahu enters Pisces, Arvind Kejriwal should get the reward for the last 18 years.


2. Before his Jupiter Dasha ends on March18, 2026 he will consolidate all his gains for the efforts put by him all along.


3. From March 18, 2026, his Saturn dash starts and it is totally different game for him. 4. March 3, 2024 should be significant for Arvind Kejriwal shadow planet Rahu generally painted in bad light starting with Rahu Kala etc., is misnomer, usually terrorizing the psyche of people while it can reveal a host of excellent things in life.

Therefore, please set aside all erratic characteristics of Rahu and take it with good things also.



Israel-Hamas Conflict –

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