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Hello friends please smile don’t mistake this Video Programme or toothpaste toothbrush advertisement. This is a mental brush information we should make you smile and keep you smiling all the way through your life. That’s the best thing to do when you are slightly depressed and the reason maybe anything. Least of all please ignore the eclipses. Eclipses cannot harm human beings the way it has been publicized in the media. Don’t be scared away by all kinds of terrorism and the terror they inflict on the society. This is totally wrong. Astrology is a tool for inspiring and motivating not to depress or disappoint people.


And from June 18th itself


the terrible covid-19 which has shaken the world in so many ways has changed its trajectory and to see the perceptible difference it will take little time please be patient


these viruses the Pandemics are definitely new to this world at all. From 2000 to 2019 the world has experienced 43 eclipses


it is possible that there might have been two eclipses in the same month


that is another which unfortunately being highlighted in the media for no reason


please ask the people who make such statements. What is the basis for the judgement about eclipses


what are the repercussions they are predicting it, what is the base of it


I don’t understand. Has anybody cast chart of the eclipse is it possible? It is possible that only the New Moon Day chart on the day of eclipse


that is really going to show the future that is we can one anybody can predict something out of it but no one has cast a chart for eclipse, but no one has cast a chart for eclipse. Please ask the people who have already terrorised people for who are in some problem or the other. There should have been no reason at all to do such things. I think that is unfortunate that the society is getting unwanted unnecessary distressing information. You have everything to smile about. As I told you, the World has already experienced 43 eclipses since 2001


and if it is the Pandemic that is bothering everybody please note that I will give you the statistics, we will always go by facts and figures not by assumptions and presumptions at all. If somebody is doing it


I have nothing to comment on that and it is their prerogative and they can do whatever they want but you need to keep smiling that is a good point to be life not only for regarding the Pandemic despite of all the problems that everybody is facing across the globe you need to keep the smile on show the the major Pandemics that you have experienced is three major Pandemics. In 1957 h2n 2 Virus and it was a major disaster in the world there was situations quite similar to what this covid-19 has brought before us today and in 1968 there was H3N2 Virus and 2009 there was H1 N1 virus Did the world change? We are all going on isn’t it is unfortunate that covid-19 has indeed caused a major dent. People have become very frustrated on account of lockdown, job loss and all that


and even the organisations also have press the panic button unfortunately


anything that happened abruptly can also stop abruptly it is going to happen and that is my message to all my viewers


and am from June 18 as I have already mentioned in my earlier episodes on the Eclipse Rahu has changed its trajectory now from 18th of June Mars has entered


Pisces. With the 4th aspect it is shooting down Rahu. It is


just only three four days back it has happened. So we need to wait with little patience for some more time and as I had already predicted long time back maybe about three months back, my articles are there in the blog section of my website enlighten hyphen Please go through the articles there. I have just said the same thing there is no reason or cause to differ from my set process of predictions it has to come true it will come true I am pretty confident about it please be patient and now there are 3,4 planets which retrograde now. Right at the moment on the day of shooting of this video film Venus is retrograde Mercury is retrograde in its own house, Jupiter is retrograde Saturn is retrograde






for everyone this is definitely a good point to be and you will find that Mars aspecting retrograde Mercury which happens to be the natural


causative planet for activities that is the third house


Gemini is the 3rd house of Zodiac and the 6th house of the zodiac is Virgo and both are owned by Mercury and both are retrograde now. But it will become direct very soon. You will find activities getting revived again and again of course, it may not be consistent let me tell you that point right in advance. So there is no cause for any disappointment and I am sure that


the organisations where people were employed earlier are definitely going to communicate with you sooner than later and no need to be tensed up on the job situation at all and as we progress further you see


Mars the planet of Trigger Mars participation or the influence of Mars


in everybody’s is life is absolutely important without Mars you can’t even lift a piece of paper from the table there is Mars involved all the time Please be sure of it and I am only talking on the point on the planet Mars. Now


Mars has entered the 12th sign of the zodiac that in astrology we call it a retirement


or a dismissal kind of thing it has to be contextual interpreted and understood also. So that is firing bullets on Rahu right from 18 itself but it will take a little while things cannot happen in the world just like that.


Maybe sometimes we feel the bad happens very fast and good doesn’t happen at all no don’t be under that impression good also can happen all of a sudden also. I am sure by end of July we will not be talking about covid-19 and hence the job cut, loss of job our peace of mind has been disturbed that will all be reimbursed it will all be it will come back to the normal place not to worry about it at all that is why I said please keep smiling and I would say that this is not a toothpaste or a toothbrush advertisement please note that it is a


mental brush I am trying to brush up the bad thoughts which has already accumulated in our mind so far on account of this lockdown and job loss and reduction in salary so on and so forth and a host of issues.You see I have this chat which I can show it please see the chart here and what I said its Mars has entered Pisces and it is aspecting and with the 4th aspect it is aspecting the third sign of the zodiac


and with the seventh aspect direct aspect it is aspecting the 6th, three stands for activities 6th stands for job, service all to be understood contextually, so that means the effectivity of Mars you cannot ignore it at all. I am pretty sure that very very soon the entire scenario that has happened on account of job loss job threat, reduction in salary, all those things will definitely be nullified to an extent, please don’t take me wrong things cannot happen all at once, slowly and slowly it will begin my appeal to you all is that please bear with patience number 1, number 2


any reduced level of activity obviously the reward also will be reduced, so do not expect where you were earlier you are going to be in the same place there will be variations. Hang on for sometime. Let Mars enter Aries that is let me tell you by December 24th December 24th sorry I made a mistake on October November first one second by December 24th March will enter is it might get retrograde again and go back to Pisces that will be late revision of strategist but I can I should you buy December 24th most and many of the activities, most of the activities


will certainly come up again there will be new opportunities


whether you are the owner of a company are you are employed in a company or some other time of association business association please do not get disheartened when Mars enters Aries certainly there will be activities beginning in a much bigger and better way and there won’t be any cause for disappointment at all the whole universe the whole world will be definitely vibrant this is an assurance you can please watch out it is hardly another two three months but before that the very fact that Mars has more to the retirement sign or the dissolution sign of the zodiac that is the 12th sign many problems will be surely addressed and there will be a communication from the respective organisations in about a week or ten days say by July 15 you will find something good that is the hopes will rise and do not be worried about


the job loss at all


please don’t buy fear


Never by fear eclipses are a celestial phenomenon


which are precisely mathematically calculated by




by astronomers, astrophysicists and even NASA you have the time table


so these are all things that we have already experienced why should we worry about it?


that is a wrong message that is being disseminated in the society unfortunately and it’s true that people have lost their jobs because of covid-19


don’t make eclipses skapegoat for your job loss that is very annoying. I don’t know whether it is wisdom or what I do not want to pass any remark on anybody for that matter but I can only tell you and reassure you that this job loss is a temporary phenomenon you can almost take it that it is already diluted but you may disagree with me in a factual manner no I have not got any job right now also I am disappointed I am not having any job, I have lost my job, you will get Communications very soon but the salary and other things may be revised as an ad-hock measure because companies also let us understand and they don’t have the sales which is the mainstream of revenue for them


so I am not trying to sympathize with the organisations I am only concerned about the mass the majority of people majority of employees who lost their jobs


but you will get back your you are very likely to be communicated sooner than later please keep your hopes on and keep smiling that is my message please go ahead please subscribe to my channel if you have found the information useful you can watch out you can certainly verify all my articles in my blog at if you are satisfied please do subscribe to this channel there will be lot more videos coming up very soon and I will be happy to address your problems and please subscribe and also write any comment that you would like if you have any queries and in the website there is a provision to write to me but personal questions I may not be able to answer but generic questions asked if unless you fix an appointment for consultation does a different matter am not going to touch on that subject so this is for sure and please be assured


the same world that we are living in will again become vibrant


there is no doubt it’s just a matter of couple of weeks more there will be more enthusiasm be generated and lot of people will definitely start smiling but our never lose the smile please keep smiling