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How to improve Memory & Concentration – English Transcription


hello friends


I welcome you to this program how to improve memory and concentration


and I call my YouTube programs as an YouTube document video document


I really mean to say that


whatever information that is used disseminated through this program should be sustaining or should we should be sustainable from all angles of Science, Technology, Humanity and it should be Holistic in every way what I believe. The subject of mind is something which is very close to my heart


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it is not a lesson from Psychologists or Psychiatrists, it is an information given by me to anybody and everybody and very easy to follow and there are no strict rules and regulations how to build your mind, how to strengthen your mind because what we are talking about today is how to improve memory how to improve concentration


both of them are knotted together in the sense that


once you try to understand something with deep concentration


obviously it becomes a part and parcel of your memory, it is an indelible impression that is how imprinted on the mind that the duration of lapse of period will definitely not make any difference. It will be permanently inscribed in your mind, so concentration and memory if you learn something if you get some information where you are Highly attentive I want to the details one by one. Highly attentive and listen or get the information or read that book or whatever you want to memorize on a long term basis concentration becomes first and it is like chicken and egg story whether is concentration is something coming out of memory or memory is coming out of concentration, actually the starting point is concentration.


Concentration as we proceed further I will give you hints and tips what to go about it and how to master concentration aspect and that is what is reflected in my three books their very simple maximum hundred pages or less than that even so please do the needful buy that book from I am not trying to promote my book here in just giving a piece of information Ok, my friends will appreciate this point


as I have already mentioned


memory is just for knotted together with concentration and


sure there’s huge a difference between psychologist and psychiatrist


use the word mind, they are very selective and very careful because


brain is a physical part of the body is a physical or other organ may be sensitive in so many ways nature and characteristics will definitely be extremely delicate


and they use the word mind selectively they would suddenly when they talk about something related to the metaphysical mind


from Brain they suddenly switch over to subconscious mind


I am not criticizing anybody here


it is not a criticism


I am just placing the facts before you, only to highlight how to practice concentration which also helps us in so many ways. Let us take


the input to the Brain as per psychologists


I am here very careful to say that it is brain and not mind


the input information to the Brain I will give you the statistics this will come up on the screen also this one will come to see the percentage there. Through eyesight we are gathering 75% of the information, information acquisition by the brain 75% of it is emanating from our vision, eyesight 13% from hearing


and 6% by touch and feel


3% by smell


3% by taste our tongue


so this is the way Brain is acquiring data or information


so we need to take lot of hints and tips on this to improve your memory


the next. I would like to put it before us




if you want to improve your memory there is a dire need to encode, encode could be a technical word even the software developers use that word encode that means latest say you want to recapitulate this program


are you want to memorize the contents of this program. one is by seeing, one is by hearing, the third could be, you can always bring up your own coordinates, what was the ambience, let us say you correlate with something else you convert it into something else. maybe if you are talking about the day, it could be your birthday could be the marriage anniversary could be your son or daughter’s birthday. So that means you are benchmarking you are coding it that means from one form to another form you are converting entire 15-20 minutes this YouTube presentation


into something else


what is that that is appointed circumstantial. Supposing as I said that it is your son’s and daughter’s birthday, ok that oh that this program whatever was said in that I heard it on my son’s birthday. So encoding is a mechanism to convert from a particular form to another form


that is very important


then comes


structuring of the information in the brain I am using specifically brain we will go to the mind in a little while from now


so you need to structure


how to place it in the memory that is in the brain


so structuring of the data is quite important that you what you the software engineers do that. then comes to third point that is recall


recall is definitely dependent upon the kind of memory how it is structured whether you want to search it sequentially that is what software engineers attempt at of course they will have multi-format attack to get something, some information information that any suffer from the computer they need they will coordinate a lot of factors. Typically the same thing it happens


from a philosophical point of you


that is from the mind, mind as I told you is metaphysical there is nothing


physical at all, about mind you not find an iota of anything physical related to mind


you can call it as a concept


In in fact it has more to do with the science of the soul which unfortunately is not encouraged in any university


it cannot be possible are not criticizing anybody that but I’m giving up my personal opinion from a Philosophical




soul and mind are knotted together


so Mind is an abstract word, there is nothing to be nothing physical at all about mind but when it comes to the realities of our life, life itself Saints have called as an individual set it aside and we are not on that point now


so mind comes into picture in a very big way and translate it to our physical realities


that is the Brain how it is stored in the brain first of all how the information input is encoded, then structured


then put it give it and give a proper place in the brain


so that means all our sensory perceptions are continuously gathering information from various senses


various organs of the body what we call is panchendriya as the five sensory perceptions of our human body, that the brain feels it, then


obviously the conclusion could be what are you saying are you saying about brain or are you saying about mind in fact


it is a combination of both one is physical, one is metaphysical


so now back to our subject of how to improve memory, what I have said is to set to say it in 2-3 sentences, one is whatever we want to memorize


whether you call it as short term memory


long term memory, are just a memory required for the time being is absolutely short, like remembering a telephone number the best memories to just jot it out so that we see it again and repeat that. That is also memory. So in effect whatever you want to improve or whatever you want to memorize was a long period of time, maybe out of your sheer need of your profession or anything


the best way is to encode it, combine it, take another incident, I will give you one small example let us say an executive of a company is discussing with his superior or the boss whatever you call it, I don’t mean much by using that word boss who is


superior let us say


there is something serious which matters to the executive as well as to the management


now that has to be memorized


my suggestion in such circumstances is OK, fine, as the talk goes on was long as both the boss and the executive are discussing a subject that is of great importance that has to be necessarily remembered memorized by the executive himself for various purposes


let’s take some party in trucks the conversation




that interaction of the conversation can be a benchmark can be a pointer, you can always remember, look, I was discussing serious thing with X, Y came in between


and the conversation was interrupted


can very well be a factor which is adding or


helping you to memorize that


let us say


in the same context


someone drops a coffee cup


there you hearing the sound so that means several faculties or more than one Faculty of vision, listening there can be something audible that can be added that means the coffee cup broke, there was little fuss for that moment but it doesn’t come in the way. So memory can be memory can be improved in so many ways that means in in effect what I am trying to say is


if one subject is of great importance which definitely needs memory, long term memory, you need to correlate it with some other point preferably


audible, like a phone call comes and the boss talks about something else that can also be a sort of you can use capitalize on that and use it is memory


Such things will definitely help improve memory, so it in the Universities cannot teach memory. We have to practices it that comes by the discipline of the mind


It is a very long subject like I may not be able to cover by that they are give you many more hints and tips in a short period of 15-20 minutes that is humanly possible. So in effect 2, 3 or 4 whatever number of sensory perceptions can be coordinated together to memorize will definitely help. Let us say a student who wants to be more perfect or perform better in let us say mathematics


there what happens is if he has to dedicate all his attention


on to that, he should note first of all that he has a weakness in a particular subject and he needs to pay more attention to that. How will he pay


when is taking lunch or dinner or snacks, breakfast whatever or is under the shower the mind is totally not occupied, mind is never used it is an automatic function, when you go the shower how to control the temperature what should be the force of water on and so forth


so the mind is practically not doing anything but thinking about some other television serial or some other story which is unwanted whether he wants to memorize more on mathematics he needs to press his mind OK I think about that only. this is another way of improving the memory


ok now after having said this about memory let us now go on to concentration


concentration is the main is the outcome of



how much attentive you are on the job or


any assignment that we have on hand


In case of students and in case of even grown up adults also


writing gives us and long term memory


whatever we want to really memorize we can at least jot down the points of great importance one by one by one keep on doing it two three times that will help you in retention of the memory


that means while doing that


all the sensory perceptions information input to the Brain has to be focused only on that particular subject


this is what concentration is whether his legs or hands, ears or nose or throat or any organ of the body and every organ of the body and entire attention has to on the subject, so much, so if I want to concentrate on this video shoot which you are seeing now my concentration should be so much that someone stands beside me I should not be able to feel it


that means all my sensory perception are totally on the camera I am looking at


what happens besides me behind me, no, nothing I will not recognize, that is what concentration is.


When I talk about concentration and I am tempted to say at least 15-20 minutes a day get up early in the morning from your routine time, sit in meditation, meditation is nothing short of being clearing up the garbage of the mind at that point in time please do not think about any subject on earth and focus at the Third Eye or the Shivnetra what they call it, keep on doing it, maybe we don’t want to go into any religion spirituality and all that count 1 to 5


1,2,3,4,5 count mentally not physically because physical means it becomes a mechanical exercise


you need to count mentally so that you don’t allow your attention of the entire Brain let me use the word brain here actually it’s the Mind doing the job and keep on doing it


for 10 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day and increase the time. It may look


very funny why should I count 1 to 5 for no reason. No there is a reason and at that point all the faculties all the sensory perceptions have to practically die down and Focus only on mentally repeating 1 to 5


this is one best way of discipling our mind, controlling our mind, then the concentration comes. So to cut short this conversation


let me summarize. Memory is an offshoot of concentration


that means all the sensory perceptions of the human body which is perceived by the mind as information input has to be contextually encoded converted in to whichever is your convenience, maybe,


that you like to correlate with some ambience when you found that interesting subject, do that, but let not the mind go too much into the ambiance, as a sort of a tag


you should attach that tag or encoded it, then structure it, like when did this happen, when it will be required that is an automatic process and there cannot be any hard and fast rule on, then recall, recall is something like the Random Access Memory of computers Ram Random Access Memory if the memory is strong obviously Random Access Memory also will improve the recall will be very fast and quick that is what makes the difference in life for everybody so I hope I have disseminated some useful information about how to improve memory and how to concentrate. concentration and memory go hand in hand and one cannot happen without the other, but on the top of it all


what is required in the discipline of the mind mind has to be properly controlled, tutored, made to do what the work what our job we want to do that there is a dire need of discipline the life everything has to be disciplined highly disciplined, then memory also will improve, concentration also will improve, and one will help the other, they are all sort of coordinating forces towards the same goal and if you have good concentration which is absolutely required for any, for making a living in this world and more the concentration we have on the job more our life becomes smooth. Thank you very much please do subscribe for my channel and let see again, thank you