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I have given a quite a detailed analysis of the ongoing Corona Virus struggle across the globe in my articles already posted in this website. All the articles are supported by transit charts with date and time mentioned tin those charts. The Astrological signature for – ‘the why and how of the events’ has been mentioned in a lucid manner.

The dates and time which may prove to be extremely critical in our war against COVID-19 is summarized below for your ready reference. Please note that the time is in IST but applicable to the entire world with the base reference of IST:

1.   In the Article captioned ‘Renew fighting Corona’

April 5, 2020       23:48:17

April 7, 2020       14:14:21

2.   In the article captioned ‘Good bye Corona Virus’

April 13, 2020      20:14:37

April 24, 2020      1:50:24

April 27, 2020      11:59:57

May 4, 2020        8:48:38

May 7, 2020        18:27:24

May 11, 2020      6:14:12

After May 15, 2020, it will slowly and slowly subside and normalcy can be expected in steady manner although we will all feel that it is all limping back to normal. However, by the end of May, 2020 when both Jupiter and Saturn become retrograde, we can expect better levels of normalcy.

The type of pandemic that we are all experiencing now is nothing new to the world and I have adequately covered some of the historic events in my article –

There is no room for any panic as we strictly follow the guidelines given by the medical experts.

Let us hope for the best by God’s grace!

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, INDIA.
Dated: April 5, 2020