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Jupiter in action! (Demo)

Jupiter entered its exalted sign Cancer just this morning (June 19th) and there is already a news report that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s case of ‘disproportionate asset’ has reached a flash point of judgment. I have already mentioned in my earlier post that judicial activism may take a toll of politicians although there is nothing untoward right now.

There are several cases of national interest involving big-wigs before the Supreme Court and other courts and, most cases have been dragged and stretched beyond imagination. Perhaps now it may not be any longer possible for the Government to drag it further. Heads can start rolling.

In the Indian Independence chart we find Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Moon in the 3rd house viz., Cancer wherein Jupiter has moved. Retrograde Saturn’s 10th aspect, generally meaning conclusion, falls on all those planets and Jupiter too, till November 2nd when Saturn moves to Scorpio. Thus it is obvious that the sign owned by those planets will be under bombardment of both Saturn and Jupiter.

Mars is a planet of ‘trigger’ and it conjoins Saturn on July 14th and this might very well be the beginning of the end of some cases possibly. The most interesting point could be when Mars crosses transit Rahu in Virgo and immediately moves on to join retrograde Saturn.

Further, transit Jupiter now in Cancer squares natal Jupiter in Libra. This is termed as ‘hard aspect’ and no wonder if the judgment of court/s could be really hard. Interestingly, for the Prime Minister, transit Jupiter is in ‘Shrastashtaka’ 6/8 relationship with his natal retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. The last ‘Pariyaya’ (12 years back) viz., in 2002 the infamous Gujarat riots broke out and he got involved with the judiciary then. Of course, the Dasa he was running then was that of well placed Venus against the current Dasa of badhaka Moon.  The planet of suddenness and unexpected – ‘Uranus’, was then transiting in Aquarius trine to his natal Uranus in his 8th house. Now, the transits are not harmonious by any means.

All of us feel that we are very intelligent and we can do anything that we plan and wish while the planets have their duty to perform and, we cannot corrupt them! Planets will carry out their mission irrespective of our vision.

K Jagadish,
Bangalore, India.